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What is Spiritual Bypassing and How Can We Resolve It

There are all the wonderful reasons to be grateful.

For instance, being grateful helps us to hold our energy at a higher vibrational frequency that allows us to see that glass half full rather than the glass half empty. And then, share that frequency with people around us.

However, there are times when we may encounter experiences known as spiritual bypassing.

In this blog, we will be discovering what spiritual bypassing is and how to resolve it. I will also share a wonderful tool to help you navigate through negative feelings using a practice called the Micro Method. Make sure to watch the video at the end, so you can do the process with me.

Ready to learn how to deal with spiritual bypassing? Let’s dive right in.

What is Spiritual Bypassing?

Spiritual bypassing is when we go through an experience and we have something unresolved going on deep within our psyche, within our subconscious. This may be some type of emotional issue that we ignore and continue to mask over with happiness and positivity. In reality, over time and as these things start to build up, we know something does not feel right and it becomes more difficult to maintain higher frequency energy.

Things residing within our subconscious create our energetic bodies, our subtle energies. These energies determine how everything within our physical works as well as the way we are able to process different events in our minds on a daily basis. Do we act or react when something doesn't feel aligned?

The problem with forced positivity

So what happens when we remain in a state of “fake” or “forced” positivity?

Well, if we continue pushing down unresolved issues, they create energetic disharmony within our energy layers. Then, over time this goes on to create the physical manifestation of disharmony we commonly know as dis-ease or being out of ease!

This theory has been known for eons and was always a very important part of different traditional medicine lineages through time.

How to resolve Spiritual Bypassing

There is a method known as the micro method (watch the video below where I take you through the entire process.)

The micro method allows us to first connect with any disharmonious vibration or energy or thought form that exists within us. Once we hold that disharmony, we can then resolve it by raising our vibration through heart energy and revisiting it while in a higher frequency.

How does heart energy help?

Our heart energy is expansive and gives us the capacity to be able to see the bigger picture.

And so when we're in that more expanded state, we get a much broader perspective of the original trauma or the original issue. From this space, everything looks different and we are able to gain a broader perspective of the issue and deeper insight. It's ultimately that insight, that provides a greater understanding, allowing the transformation of whatever is sitting in our subconscious basement.

Does Spiritual Bypassing happen to everyone?

In short, yes, it does. It's really important to remember that we all have it at different times as we try to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

Sometimes we can avoid and ignore stuff that's in our subconscious because we don't want to feel negative. We dismiss any feelings or thoughts that feel overly judgmental or critical, emotions that create sadness or anger and we just 'suck it up' so to speak.

But as the wise saying goes, don't take life personally. It is happening to ALL of us in some way or other. Working its magic to support our growth, if we choose to be awake within our surroundings and our lives.

If you find yourself working on your own energy a lot, this is probably a saying you’ll want to keep reminding yourself of... don't take life personally! When doing 'the work', or Shadow Work, give yourself the gift of allowing yourself to be the observer in those uncomfortable instances, rather than holding that information against yourself and hurting yourself in the process.

The greater reality is that at any given time we are likely to be feeling the same disharmonious patterns as at least another million people all around the world, so don't take it personally. Much of it can come through our DNA and our family lines too. If we privilege ourselves the opportunity to meet what is behind our negative attitudes and beliefs, we have a gift of breaking the chains for future generations.

The Micro Method Practice

The Micro Method is very useful at helping us relax, feel into and explore our emotions.

It is an easy practice you can integrate as part of your daily reflective time or morning and night routine. During the micro method you will be guided to observe, on a deeper level, any instances you feel easily triggered or irritable and can not seem to understand why.

In the video below I accompany you through a guided Micro Method Meditation. Get comfortable and when you are ready and safe, we can start.

Your next step

Have questions or need further guidance on how to heal past wounds, raise your vibration, and function from a place of joy and balance?

Book a complimentary call with me. Together, we can identify any barriers you might be experiencing currently and create a plan to help you navigate your life's journey with ease and grace.

I cannot wait to meet and support you if you are ready to uplevel your life!


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