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 Private Client Sessions 
Dr Niikee is a genuine Intuitive. Her sessions have helped me pinpoint the parts of myself that need healing and what is required to guide me through that journey. Inner work can feel messy sometimes, but Niikee has such a beautiful and calm energy throughout the process. I feel lighter and happier after each session, ready to progress as a person in body, mind & spirit.  Mandy
Hiya, when I came to you I was so flat. Ready to just crawl into a tiny space and go to sleep. I’m now feeling much better. So much lighter and happier. Even have more energy too. Loving my meditations and I’m excited about life again. Sleeping better also and finding joy again. Love you and so grateful for you and looking forward to my new adventures.  Wendy
The work on self knowledge and spiritual development that I have been doing for many years has undergone a great boost with the extraordinary help of Dr Niikee. She is a wonderful holistic therapist full of skills, knowledge and sensitivity. She has accompanied me in this process with dedication, generosity and acceptance. I have a lot of gratitude for her. Thanks Dr Niikee!  Geanie
I very much enjoyed our time together. I'm working daily with the session practices you have recommended with passion. I found what emerged during our session was so moving and spot on! I'm doing well and I feel greatly positive and empowered. Every time I relisten to it I understand better and discover new keys and details. Also my energy is changing into such a beautiful vibration. I'm very happy, thank you Niikee! Eugenia  
I had a session with Niikee, which was held in a beautiful spot in nature. She led me through a very expansive meditation, intuitively guided and with centered and steady flow to take me deep into the meditation. I felt the "space" in between my cells and all through my being filled with light and that sense of expansiveness. Combined with supportive messages from Spirit and Mother Earth, I received the connection and deeper personal understanding which was exactly what I needed on that particular day. She has a well rounded and tangible "tool kit" which she draws on to assist you in her sessions and along with her strong intuition brings forth what is best for you in that moment.  Darren
Dr Niikee is a wealth of knowledge for your wellness journey.  My journey has included many of the services that she offers, which has provided me access to tools, teachings and resources that have enabled me to unlock my own power to heal and create a life of wellness. I find Niikee's attitude so refreshing.  She is truly passionate about wanting to educate and empower people.
On my journey I have felt guided with an openness and honesty that has facilitated great understanding. I have felt completely supported and celebrated through the rollercoaster ride of awareness and change. I have felt appreciated and valued for where I'm at in my journey and for the work that I do in this process. Niikee is a warm, relatable, funny and direct human, whose knowledge and intuitiveness can assist anyone with their wellness goals in their own unique way.  Angela
From the first time I met Dr Niikee I loved her innate wisdom and all things wise in the academic world as it appealed to my way of healing the mind, body, spirit connection. I can tune in to my own body as a Medical Intuitive and will get the answers to what my body is saying. However, on this occasion I wanted outside insights and I knew that Dr Niikee would give me direct and supported information. Being a Nurse, I love all things medical and being a Medical Intuitive I love all things woo woo, both of which she does so well. 
What I loved was the whole process of the integrative care and how you gave me easy tips and wisdom for my health. I applied the tips straight away and have continued to do these each day as you suggested. Of course, my body has loved every bit. For those that are thinking of doing a session with Dr Niikee – it is a must as she is incredible. Her years of study and her innate wisdom are the best! Most of all she applies integrative health and is not just about popping pills! Dr Niikee – you are the best. So much love to you!   Jean
I've been experiencing hormonal issues for a year or two and realised conventional route of medicine was limited and unable to provide me with the answers or treatment I was hoping for.  My search for something beyond the scope of this knowledge led me to Dr Niikee. During our sessions, Dr Niikee and her guides imparted a wealth of knowledge and magical processes to identify underlying causes and best ways to move forward. I have learned so much about true holism and my own health! There is an emphasis on the intrinsic connection between of mind, body and spirit: what we eat, how we live, what we think and the small adjustments we can make to produce big shifts. I'm profoundly grateful for Dr Niikee, her insights, kindness and work have optimised my health and wellbeing. Lisa 
Dr Niikee's knowledge combined with her humour and enthusiasm are inspiring.  She helped me to feel very safe as we explored past issues that have impacted on my life and well-being. Immediately after our first session I felt quite dazed as what we had covered made so much sense and helped to explain feelings and behaviours that I had always had.  Since, I've gained confidence.....I had always been fearful of doing wrong because of the blame and anger directed at me. The first session gave me permission to let go of that fear.  I feel much lighter...thank you!  Jennifer
My program with Dr. Niikee has been very helpful for me to identify blocks that prevent me from experiencing the health and happiness I seek.  Her processes and teachings are very concise and gentle yet potent and revealing. Dr. Niikee has deep insight and the ability to help me discern where and why my issues exist and how to deal with and resolve them. She is an excellent guide and mentor and I am in the midst of transforming.  I have changed many things about myself in the short time I have worked with Dr. Niikee. I control my temper now, I have more love in my heart, I am more forgiving and compassionate and find that I seek my inner wisdom first when questions arise within me.  I have also experienced a heightened sense of self-esteem, and less overall fear, I’ve lost weight and am sleeping great! I highly recommend Dr. Niikee to anyone that is seeking a breakthrough and understanding of how they may be subconsciously sabotaging themselves preventing true health and happiness in their own life.  Loren
 Courses & Workshops
I see Niikee as a beautiful soul who supports people to become more conscious.  I feel blessed to have taken a few of her courses and worked with her one on one. Niikee courses are brimming with research, old teachings, and insight. Her courses contain not only excellent content they also have mediations and multiple practices to support spiritual growth.  Working one on one Niikee has helped me show up stronger and grounded (which is what I needed).  I highly recommend both Dr. Niikee’s courses and counsel.  I am more connected and I have tools to use with all of the stuff that is coming up from the past or my subconscious basement.  I met my true self. I see her in the mirror almost daily. Thank you Niikee!  Heather
I love any work with Dr. Niikee. The Initiate Temple was such a beautiful experience and just so beneficial. So many changes have come into my life since the course and all of them good! I feel so incredibly grateful for the teachings, the meditation practices and the beautiful collective that I worked with through the course. The course formed the start of my daily meditation practice and the benefits of this are endless. The deep transformation in me was a peacefulness about my whole day and an ability to let things go and learning the benefits of going with the flow throughout any situation. There is a boundless joy that I experience throughout each day. Things that used to be a bother have fallen away and I feel more able to be peaceful within the storms of life now. Thank you Dr Niikee! Belinda
Niikee creates intelligent and accessible content in her course modules, which have a natural flow even though including at times quite different concepts to what I would be normally used to. Niikee discusses the teachings clearly and provides wonderful, down to earth examples which really helped me to consolidate the teachings in my mind. She shows her participants her devotion to the role of teacher and facilitator openly and lovingly, and creates a beautiful online environment where all participants feel safe and secure enough to open up and share. All in all, simply an amazing and life changing experience for me, thank you Niikee. Jo
I loved Dr Niikee's dedication to presenting such a comprehensive course it was just so much better than anything I could have imagined. As we progressed through each lesson I could slowly feel myself change on deeper levels. A feeling of coming home. I'm so pleased I finally took notice of the messages I was being sent! Sandra
I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your Intuition course, so interesting and fascinating.  The practice's are really helping me alot with my intuition, I'm already seeing a difference and writing everything down whenever I get message's or insights. I haven't been able to catch the live lessons with you but am up to date on all the recordings and getting so much from it. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here and seeing the benefit from this. I can't wait for the next lesson. Caroline
I feel like I am stepping into my wholeness. Wobbly moments reminding me to pay attention to raising my vibe or looking at what is there. Amazing how many things have surfaced and are ready to be released. It is a work in progress and exciting! I have been trusting my intuition and it is growing. Silly things like my sister came to stay and I knew she forgot her toothbrush so I put a new one out for her.  I am listening to the subtle whispers. My lesson is in trusting and in making my life sacred and fun. Thank you Dr Niikee! You have offered many tools and processes I feel like I have an abundance of options and support me in this work. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, intuitive direction and learnings. Leanne
Your Energy is fantastic and  during these sessions and in between,  I can tell you that I felt supported, assisted and loved! Thank you so much for your concern, your kindness, your passion, your wisdom,  the high quality of your online workshop, and again your infinite Love! Your enthusiasm, your encouragement and recommendations helped me to let go some habits and review the priorities!  "Busy busy busy" could be my middle name sometimes!  But  your recommendations allowed  me a new click!  
I also feel full of gratitude; because of you, I allowed myself to listen again, and reopen the door of the temple of my soul, of my heart. All my love to you. Nadia
Thank you so much for your intuition course we really enjoyed it. The mediations are really good and the lessons I know will be carried with me walking forward in time. There has been so many shifts too within myself and around me through this process. Really interesting times for sure, I love the radical empathy too which I will practice for the rest of my days :) Sheri & Angie 
Wow, what a journey! One of discovery, tears, insight, joy and practical activities for use in everyday life. I first registered for the 'Awakening Your Inner Wisdom' course because it sounded intriguing, and magically appeared at a time where I was searching for the next elevation. It turned out to be so much more than that!  Dr Niikee is a talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher who gives her all for her students. Her abilities and expertise bring a scientific, practical application to metaphysical phenomenon. Her humility and compassion are unmatched … I was sad to reach the final class. I would do it all over again! Attending this course really is most the informative, interactive, enlightening and empowering choice anyone could make. Suzanne C

I love metaphysics and the many components that come under this umbrella. I have always worked intuitively but wanted to know how to enhance this further. I love how you glow, laugh, encourage, support and speak when you talk about something that you are passionate about. Your demeanour shows that you want everyone to have a part of their heart and soul living as one and to feel the joy one can feel if you truly believe in yourself and that its possible to achieve that. This just wasn’t an online workshop where you imparted some knowledge and then once over, that’s it. Thank you. Joanne

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