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Upcoming Courses & Workshops
Hi there! It's wonderful that you have made it to this page...

Here is where you can find what's happening in my world of education and fun transformational courses! I have offerings for both practitioners and non-practitioners if you are interested in deepening into your own wisdom and understanding of why things happen in your world or in that of your clients.

One of my favourite things is to create and facilitate programs, courses and workshops. These all include both education and experiential aspects to maximise the potential to use the information and practices in your daily life, as well as share these to support others.

I have 25+ years of education and experience in private practice, as well as 15+ years of teaching & curricula designing, along with my enthusiasm and zest for life. I guarantee you will come away with a fresh perspective and outlook on your road ahead!

Reconnect to your inner wisdom and alignment in
your heart, mind & life!

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Live Events

Intuitive Energetics Practitioner Program - (6-month practitioner program online) - An accredited immersion program for both existing practitioners and those stepping onto their healer journey. Learn how to combine ancient wisdom and intuitive journey work to identify disharmonious energetic coding and recreate balance. Create the deep shifts needed to support clients' up-level in alignment with their divine blueprint and ultimately change the world around them.  

- 6th - Earth Star & Embodiment Circle - (In Studio) - Autumn series full moon gathering with movement, practices, meditations & sharing with a beautiful community
-  16th - Living Intuition Mini-Series - (free 5 days online) - A 5-day mini-series to align with your inner wisdom and the support always around us! We will share the master key codes to support you in aligning your intuition and how to bring it into your daily life... intuition is no superpower and is available to everyone ;)

- 11-22nd - Illuminate - Energetic Keys to Transformation - (11 days online) - Learn to navigate your life aligned with the Universal Laws of Energetics! Discover the key codes to transforming faulty patterns and programs so you can move forward into your best possible life. If we were taught this as children, the world would be so much different, empowered and unified... is it time for you to step out of the dark and into the light?

- 22-23rd - Level 1 Australian Bush Flower Essences - (Sunshine Coast) - an introductory weekend workshop to learn all about bush essences and how to use them.

- 12-13th - Level 2 Australian Bush Flower Essences - (Melbourne) - open to the next layer of what is possible with energy medicine and when we work with the magic of the elemental and nature realms...

- 19-20th - Level 2 Australian Bush Flower Essences - (Brisbane) - open to the next layer of what is possible with energy medicine and when we work with the magic of the elemental and nature realms...
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