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Everyone is Intuitive!!

Let me share some things that I'm sure you can relate to in one way or another, especially if you've been in my circle for a while.

There are 4 main clairs where we can receive intuitive information to guide us in understanding the energetic patterns that are always surrounding us. We will generally receive information in a way that we can best interpret and how it will be best received by others if we are intuiting for them, so it can be very individual.

Clair means clear and the following are ways to describe how higher frequency information can be received with clarity!


Here, we have a whole body type of feeling, as if our entire body gives us a "Yes" or a "No". This is different from energetic sensitivity, which is the basic sensing of fields of energy that exist nearby. When connecting with others, we might have certain clairsentient feelings in different parts of the body to assist with identifying what might be out of alignment in another.


Some people can experience detailed visions and some receive information symbolically or can see things in subtle ways, it is like seeing a different layer. Sometimes remote viewing of something at a distance can also occur when it is important to see something just as it is... this is when my 'seeing' tends to kick in.


This is the receiving of information into your awareness and trusting you know things without having any tangible 3D evidence for how you know! For me, this information arrives in a different layer than my thinking mind.


When clairaudience lands, it might be that these are in loud words as if someone was speaking directly to us. For me more often, it resembles a thinking dialogue but in different tones, not quite the way you'd usually hear yourself or things that you would say or even know come through into your awareness.

The most important thing to realise about clairs is that everyone is different and the above descriptions are a guide.

These are how I experience these clairs and others I have taught have shared with me. You may be experiencing these clairs in a different way and that is perfect!

What is your dominant clair?

Or, do you have a combination of clairs that guides your intuition?

Let me know, I'd love to hear from you!


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