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Finding Your Flow

Do you allow yourself the opportunity to pause, relax and reflect at any time?

I completely understand how busy our lives can become with ALL the things that need to be done continuously... as a recovering workaholic I know what it is like to feel trapped in the to-do list.

Finding 'the time' can be challenging; however, with a little prioritising here and there, huge differences can be made in our overall life!

The best part is that it doesn't have to be difficult...

It is 100% a choice for us to continue just as we are on the treadmill, day in and out barely having enough time to breathe.... I can so relate to this as I spend decades in this push and neverending climb up the mountain of tasks!! What ended up really making a huge difference in my life was allowing things to simply BE as they are. I find that when I come from this space of trusting my process that EVERYTHING feels so much more spacious. My nervous system relaxes and my vibration completely changes.

From this space of calmness, we can not only think more clearly, we can also operate with the support of universal flow!

When we are relaxed, our energy softens and opens, which allows us to be more supported by the world around us. The truth is that the universe is ALWAYS trying to support us, although much of the time we are simply too busy within our own minds to recognise.

This is a complete game-changer... by staying calm we are able to do more with less energy!

It can be a bit of a challenge at first to tame all of our old patterns of overdoing from a space of lack, however with awareness of these programs within us and practice to create new habits and ways of being in the world, EVERYTHING starts to change!!

It really can be as simple as pausing to breathe... yes you heard me correctly breathe. I mean consciously. Pause and feel your breath. Use it as an anchor into the present moment.

When we connect consciously with our breath -
  • our mind chatter stops

  • our nervous system relaxes

  • our mind clears

  • our body relaxes

  • our energy flows more freely

We can then operate from a space of flow NOT force... It can take some time to change our old patterns and programs, though I guarantee it will be well worth your initial efforts to pause and breathe!

Existing in this state changes everything!!

Sending all my love,

Dr Nx


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