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Transformation Services

Align with your inner wisdom, step into your own self-mastery & alignment. Clear energetic baggage & find freedom in the greater reality. Evolve beyond the everyday struggle and be open to what else is possible!

I offer a variety of packaged services to best support you through your process of healing and re-connection. We get to the bottom of why you haven't been living your best and most abundant life and co-create personalised solutions to suit you.

My goal is to support your transformation over time so you can properly get on track to rebalance your body and mind so your spirit can fly as intended. We work together to equip you with the necessary tools & understanding for you to ultimately become sovereign of your own health and life into the future.


Choose your next transformation:

Reconnection Call

Let's reconnect you with what's true for you right now in a free 30-minute chat. Together we can see what is possible for you and receive my obligation-free recommendations of where to from here...

Activate Sessions

Activation Sessions are designed to assist you by accessing the inner wisdom from your energetics to support you in moving forward with clarity towards your intentions. your energetics to support you in moving forward with clarity towards your intentions...

Rebalance - Inner Harmony

This process brings the opportunity to take a look at any health concerns, energetic imbalances, or shadow work you are ready to transform. We consider all layers of your energetic system, to uncover and get to the root cause of what is happening with you and why. We next begin transforming barriers and blocks, to help you return to balance and enjoy life as it should be, in alignment with your highest path... 

Align - Mentoring and Guidance

Align mentoring is a bespoke program individually tailored to support you in creating your dream life, with ease and grace. Whether your main issues are physical, mental, emotional or energetic, my multimodality approach to integrating mind, body and spirit, will support you in aligning in all areas of your life, and meet you exactly where you are at on your healing journey, your way.  

Awaken - Divine Union

Are you ready to change the way you see the world and how you be in the world?

Awaken to and be empowered by your own truth and divine essence, to enhance your experience of living this life free from subconscious bindings, limiting patterns, and outdated programs! Transform your life...

Yoga and Mindfulness

There are small group yoga classes, at Dr Niikee - Energy Medicine Space in Wellington Point. Different levels can be accommodated including beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, in a variety of styles including Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, mindful yin flow, gentle and mindfulness meditation.

Kind words from past clients

Dr Niikee is a genuine Intuitive. Her sessions have helped me pinpoint the parts of myself that need healing and what is required to guide me through that journey. Inner work can feel messy sometimes, but Niikee has such a beautiful and calm energy throughout the process. I feel lighter and happier after each session, ready to progress as a person in body, mind & spirit.  - Mandy

Hiya, when I came to you I was so flat. Ready to just crawl into a tiny space and go to sleep. I’m now feeling much better. So much lighter and happier. Even have more energy too. Loving my meditations and I’m excited about life again. Sleeping better also and finding joy again. Love you and so grateful for you and looking forward to my new adventures.  Wendy


Not quite sure where to start?

To connect to the flow you are looking for, it's important that you find what is right for you.

My decades of study across multiple modalities, schools of thought and deep ancient wisdom will assist you in discovering how you can best relate to yourself, your journey and step more fully into love! 

Start by booking an obligation-free reconnection chat so together we can uncover where you are at and your next best steps to creating your best possible life.