Transformation Offerings

Align with your inner wisdom, step into your own self-mastery & alignment. Clear energetic baggage & find freedom in the greater reality. Evolve beyond the everyday struggle and be open to what else is possible!

I offer a variety of services to support you through your process of healing and re-connection. We get to the bottom of why you haven't been living your best and most abundant life and co-create personalised solutions to suit you.

My goal is to support your transformation and equip you with the tools & understanding to become sovereign of your own health and life into the future.


Choose your next transformation:

Quick Chat

Free 20 minute chat with me to ask any questions, gain some insight into what is happening with you and recommendations of where to from there...

Initial Comprehensive Package

An Initial Comprehensive Package brings the opportunity to take a look at any health concerns, energetic imbalances or shadow work you are ready to transform. We consider the deeper layers of your energetic system, to uncover and get to the root cause of what is happening, transform barriers and blocks, to help you get back in balance and enjoying life...

Intuitive Guidance Transformation

Guided meditation journey to connect with spirit and share any information important for you and to support you moving forward on your journey with ease and grace. This is done in a high vibrational container so that understanding and transformation can occur at your deepest layers for long term healing...

Follow Up Services

Follow up services are available, whether you want to connect to check in how you are going or ready for your next upleveling, learn some new tools for your own sovereignty or go deeper into what is happening in your energy layers....

Yoga and Mindfulness

There are small group yoga classes, at Dr Niikee - Energy Medicine Space in Wellington Point. Different levels can be accommodated including beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, in a variety of styles including Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, mindful yin flow, gentle and mindfulness meditation.

Alchemy Programs

The School for Metaphysical Practice offers different programs best suited to where you are at in your own personal or professional process of expansion and evolution. Whether you are a practitioner or healer, or on your own upleveling, there are a variety of offerings, from masterclasses to short courses and longer programs.

Kind words from past clients

Dr Niikee is a genuine Intuitive. Her sessions have helped me pinpoint the parts of myself that need healing and what is required to guide me through that journey. Inner work can feel messy sometimes, but Niikee has such a beautiful and calm energy throughout the process. I feel lighter and happier after each session, ready to progress as a person in body, mind & spirit.  - Mandy

I loved Dr Niikee's dedication to presenting such a comprehensive course it was just so much better than anything I could have imagined. As we progressed through each lesson I could slowly feel myself change on deeper levels. A feeling of coming home. I'm so pleased I finally took notice of the messages I was being sent! - Sandra


Not quite sure where to start?

To connect to the flow you are looking for, it's important that you find what is right for you.

My decades of study across multiple modalities, schools of thought and deep ancient wisdom will assist you in discovering how you can best relate to yourself, your journey and step more fully into loving your life! 

Start by booking a free quick chat so together we can uncover what your next step should be.