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Transformation Services

I offer Bespoke Guidance to support you in moving through Energetic Barriers to Re-waken and Activate your Divine Light within so you can lead your Soul-Led life, Joyful and Free!


You know there is so much more to you than the binds of your physical reality.

You are ready to step into your self-mastery & find freedom in aligning with your soul's higher path within the greater reality.


You are ready to evolve beyond the everyday struggle and be open to what else is possible for you.


Whether you are a healer or beacon of light for your community, I'm here to support you in remembering the truth of who you are and why you came here!


With the assistance of ascended master guides, we get to the bottom of why you haven't been living your best and most abundant life or thriving in your soul-led service. 

As we do the work to clear your energetic baggage, whether from this timeline or others, you will become more clearly aligned with your inner wisdom. You will begin to see that heaven is already here as you move beyond the stuck-in-the-moment suffering that has plagued our collective for millennia. 

The truth is that much of your suffering isn't even yours... By transforming the limiting beliefs and other disharmonious patterns within, you will witness the world around you start to change too!


Even though we are all capable of moving through our process of life on our own, it can be challenging and take much time to move through the resistance to accessing subconscious barriers and get to the depths of what really needs to shift energetically.

With the help of the guides, we get clear in the moment as to what is in your highest and best to be made aware of, to catalyse your next layer of evolution in the here and now...


From there we clear the faulty patterns and re-encode harmonics to best support you in creating your best soul-aligned life!

We energetically scaffold and support you in your transformation over our time together, so you can properly get on track and align your body and mind, so your spirit can fly as intended
 and serve your communities with your gifts

Your next level transformation:

Awaken Soul - Private Retreats

You know its time for an overhaul on your life. There is so much happening around and on the inner planes, you feel the call to step up into the ease and grace available from higher realities. You yearn to dissolve the suffering of the past, the repeating patterns and the old stories woven through your lineage.
Join me 1-1 for 5 days to realign your body, mind and spirit!

Mystic Adventures - Group Retreats

Embark upon a Mystics Adventure and enjoy the opportunity to gather in Sacred locations around the world with me and other co-creators, sharing Mystical Teachings and practices within the Magic of the Region. 

Connection Call

Let's reconnect you with what's true for you right now in a free 30-minute chat. Together with the guides, we tune into any barriers and also into your soul-aligned gifts so you can see what is possible for you and receive my obligation-free recommendations of where to from here...

Soul Alchemy Mentoring Sessions

Soul Alchemy Sessions are designed to access the inner wisdom from your energetics to support you in moving forward with clarity toward your soul's desires and intentions. During sessions, we are guided by the ascended master guides to move through your own personal key codes to unlock where resistance within your energetics is keeping you stuck at this time. From there, the guides provide a unique healing encodement for you to continue to work with, that is individualised to your unique frequency and based on your higher and best outcomes, so you can shine and be the gift you came here to be for your community!

Personal Energetic Mastery

This combined online empowerment program and 1-1 session package allows you to holistically harmonise your health and wellness, body, mind and spirit!  Over our time together, you will learn how to recognise disharmony in any of your energy centres and ways to rebalance so you can become empowered with your own health into the future. We consider all layers of your system so you can learn to uncover and get to the root cause of what is happening within you and why. You are also equipped with the tools to continue moving forward and into your highest and best quality of life! Our private sessions together fast-track your healing so you can start to curate the life you desire as we commence...

Service Alignment Mentoring for Healers

Align Mentoring is an exclusive 1-1 opportunity with me to create your Soul Aligned service by embodying your own healing, following your intuition, taking the aligned action and using your gifts in service. Through this work you will step into empowered embodiment, find your abundance frequency and align to the universal flow that is already within you, to make your moves as the divine healer you truly are. This service is offered by appointment only to ensure we are a good fit and we can manifest your intentions over our time together...

Kind words from clients

The day after my session with Dr Niikee, the integration was unfolding and my mind began to expand... so much just started to make sense to me, which has been leading to such beautiful transformations and healing.  I realised I had the same underlying themes that I had been feeling in many of my relationships was from a past timeline that I had been holding on to... WOWW!! The veil has been lifted. I feel super empowered. The old story is no longer resonating in my spirit. I am soooo happy and hopeful. Thank you for seeing me and co-creating my new path ahead.  Melissa

Hiya, when I came to you I was so flat. Ready to just crawl into a tiny space and go to sleep. I’m now feeling much better. So much lighter and happier. Even have more energy too. Loving my meditations and I’m excited about life again. Sleeping better also and finding joy again. Love you and so grateful for you and looking forward to my new adventures.  Wendy


Not quite sure where to start?

To connect to the ease and flow encoded within you, it's important that you find what is right for you.

My decades in teaching and learning across multiple modalities, schools of thought and deep ancient wisdom, teamed with ascended master guides, will assist in discovering what is happening within your energetics and how disharmony is playing out in your life. We then move on to clearing these patterns that aren't serving you and recode your energy to realign with your higher self harmony and divinity as the love that you already are! 

Start by booking an obligation-free chat so together we can uncover where you are at and your next best steps to creating your best possible life.

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