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Soul Alchemy Mentoring
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Clear your blocks, claim your gifts and create your highest service!

The truth is that much of your suffering isn't even yours! By transforming the limiting beliefs and other disharmonious patterns within, you will witness the world around you start to change too!

In this work, you will: 

  • Learn what your biggest block is to owning the full power of your work and how to shift it.

  • Identify which main barrier is currently holding you back from being more fully in your soul-aligned service. 

  • Discover how to embody your own healing so that you can be a living example of how your work works.

  • Know where you are currently resisting the embodying your own healing.

  • Uncover which of your intuitive gifts is calling to be developed into your service superpower, to create the biggest results with your clients.

  • Connect more deeply to your intuition and access the next layer of your divine gifts here to support you in service.

This work is perfect for you if you are ready to -


  • Release what has been holding you back from serving

  • Step back into universal flow and feel deep trust within

  • Recode new habits so you can walk your talk with more power

  • Fully express yourself, authentically in service

Move forward with clarity into your heart's desire,

through the re-remembering of the light that you already are! 

The Process - 

First, we call in The Ascended Master Guides who wish to communicate with you.  Then we access the information held in your energy and Akashic records to uncover the patterns and root causes of challenges.


Next, you will release negative belief patterns and disharmonies so you can best align with your divinity and higher timeline, through the information shared. The challenges from past experiences or family lines come into the light of your conscious awareness for transformation.

After removing the distortion, we move into an activation to realign you to your highest path moving forward and share with you the gifts that are coming forward to best support you moving forward.  


You will then be able to choose a new, free from past conditioning, in alignment with your desire to serve.

Inclusions - 

  •  1 x 2 hour transformation process.

  • 1 x follow up session, 2 weeks after our Soul Alchemy session, we meet again for a check-in to support your integration & implementation of your highest alignment coding.

  • Be held in the highest light for 2 weeks as you continue the work at home with the recording of your intuitively received activation sequence, to best support your long-term energetic alignment at home, and re-encode the old patterns and programs that have been keeping you stuck in the loop of the old-World ways.

  • Additional individualised integration practices to support you on your highest timeline journey, as you continue to move into New World potentials and frequencies.

" What you have helped me shift has been there with me for a very long time!  After the session, I felt immense joy and vitality for most of the day. I am filled with Love and Peace. You are magic!!"  - Eugenia

"Thanks for another amazing session I love what you do and how you do it! We addressed some really important energetic patterning that has not served me for a looooong time! I am grateful that you held such tender space for me to feel into these really vulnerable places. Thanks for all your guidance and support! " Sharon

The day AFTER our session, my mind began to expand... so much just started to make sense to me which has been leading to such beautiful transformation and healing. I realized I had the same underlying themes that I had been feeling in many of my relationships, was from the timeline that I had been holding on to... WOW!!!!

The veil has been lifted. I feel super empowered. Thank you for seeing me and co-creating with me. The "old story" or "old song" is no longer resonating in my spirit. I am sooo happy and hopeful!  Melissa

"Dr Niikee is a bright shining light. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and generous with all who are lucky enough to work with her. She has helped me work through some personal issues that were impacting my life without my full awareness. Now I have a vision for the future and a clear path to walk to achieve my true purpose in life. Learning never stops and I hope to keep learning with Niikee in the future"  - Tracey

How others have experienced working with me & the guides, the energetic transformations, activations & high-frequency encodements - 

Ready to take the next steps towards
changing your life?

​​Our live connections may be facilitated online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful space in Sunshine Beach, Noosa... Feel free to email me with any questions click here

Find out what others have thought of working with me - click here for the testimonials page

Exchange:   $555 AUD

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