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Enlighten - 6 month Energetic Mastery
A journey through your energetic layers to unlock age-old stories stuck within your system from past experiences and your ancestry.

Be empowered with tools you can use for yourself long-term to enhance your experience of living this life free from subconscious bindings, limiting patterns, and outdated programs!


Your life will continue to uplevel and change as you progress towards your highest path, clear energetic density & uplevel your evolution.


Over our time together, we progress through each of your energy portals, clearing and releasing any stuck patterns, allowing their transmutation. You have access to your own Energetic Mastery online resource portal, along with personalised 1-1 support with me along the way, to help you move through your inner journey with ease and grace.


Each fortnight, we meet to discuss one of your ever-evolving energy centers, do practices, and check-in intuitively to what is happening within your own energy field, in this particular area, to keep you moving forward and into your best possible life!

Your online Energy Medicine Mastery portal contains teachings, daily practices, and processes you can draw on to continue the work between our sessions. During your journey, you will learn how your own energy centres function and how they can go out of balance and affect energy flow through your entire system and life! 

'When energy flows freely and smoothly through our system, we have the opportunity to really thrive and create our best possible life'


Doing this energetic work in your daily life will assist you to - 

  • access joy and gratitude more easily 

  • maintain emotional balance

  • understand yourself and those around you more deeply

  • connect to your own truth and guidance

  • shift energetic patterns that aren't serving you

  • attract beneficial relationships

  • feel in alignment and clearer on your path

  • become empowered within your own life

  • find your shine & share that light with others around you!​

Continue your healing journey. Here's how we do it

  • Our initial session is around 90 mins which includes your initiation into the mystery temple.

  • Fortnightly face-to-face sessions, approximately 60 minutes, where we see how you are going and keep you moving in the right direction... That's what I'm here for, to support you to find balance & share potent tools so you can be empowered with your own wisdom, freedom and live abundantly!


  • Your Energy Medicine Mastery online portal has daily practices and powerful processes for you to continue the work in between our sessions, to optimise and potentiate your transformations at each stage of the journey through your energetic system.

  • These practices will also best support you into your future as you learn to identify and navigate imbalances as they arise. Click here (Valued at $3333)


Sessions may be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home (or office) anywhere in the world or face to face at my beautiful Wellington Point, Brisbane clinic space... click here for details

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Feel free to email me anytime with any questions by clicking here

or book a free reconnect call by clicking here  

Exchange:   $5555 

payment plans available  


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