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Natural Medicine
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About Dr Niikee-sha PhD

Dr Niikee-sha is an inspired intuitive who supports her clients bring Heaven down to Earth, so they can open to what else is possible!

Dr Niikee Schoendorfer commenced tertiary study in 1994 at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, majoring in holistic nutrition and natural health.  In 1999, she completed a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy and Herbalism while concurrently completing a Bachelor Degree in Complementary Medicine.  Niikee-sha then completed a Master's Degree in Nutritional Medicine in 2005.  In 2006, she enrolled in a PhD Doctorate program at the University of Queensland School of Medicine and completed studies in Nutritional Biochemistry and Clinical Medicine.  During this tenure, Niikee also completed a Graduate Diploma in Educational Curriculum Design and another in Research Commercialisation.

Her passion for teaching has spanned over 15 years. She has facilitated classes in the Endeavour Natural Medicine College and Torrens University Bachelor Degrees and in the University of Queensland Medical School program. Niikee-sha has also been practicing as a clinical naturopath and holistic healing practitioner since 2000, assisting many people on their road to health, well-being, and happiness!

“My mission is to empower you to reconnect to your divinity so you can walk forward onto your soul-lead path and share your unique gifts with the collective

Niikee-sha has designed and carried out many scientific research projects, including a successful large randomised control trial assessing the effect of a herbal medicine formula on urinary incontinence.  She also worked on an Australia-wide project to increase nutrition education and integrate current curricula within Medical Schools around the country for many years. Niikee-sha has presented her research both nationally and internationally over the years, while has authored many scientific journal publications and textbook chapters.  She held a long-standing position on the council of the Nutrition Society of Australia, previously having chaired the national student mentor and Queensland groups.

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Over the past 15 years, Niikee-sha has developed her practice in yoga and meditation, becoming a certified instructor in both and feels that this was the impetus that changed her life! Despite being connected to her guides since childhood, bringing peace and stillness within has allowed the continued opening and acceleration of her gifts as a master healer, divine light channel and medicine woman.

Over the last decade, Niikee-sha has been expanding her research repertoire to include quantum physics and intuitive science, along with studies in Shamanic Practice, Temple Mysticism, and a post-graduate certification in Spiritual Directorship to support bridging the intuitive sciences into mainstream awareness. Make sure to read her latest research articles and check out her podcast, 'Quantum Activations'.

In the past few years, Dr Niikee-sha has opened her own School for Metaphysical Practice where she educates and supports healers to step more fully into their own empowerment so they can do what they came here to do in service at this time of great change!

During her 1-1 sessions, teamed with Ascended Master Guides, you will be taken on a journey to explore your own unique energetic signature, clear unhelpful imprints and be re-encoded back in alignment with your divine blueprint. This work is essential for you to create your life as you desire from a space of empowerment, beyond any subconscious limitations that have come through your ancestry or past experiences....

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