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Service Alignment Mentoring
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Create your Soul Aligned service by embodying your own healing, following your intuition,

taking the aligned action & using your unique gifts. 


You know that this is what you’re here to do, though what's stopping you is resistance to being fully and authentically you, in all of your souls mastery!  These barriers are created by faulty programs and limiting beliefs that have been collected along the way and carried through ancestral patterns, often beyond awareness.

You hear the calling within your soul
 to step fully into your truth and bring your unique healing offerings into creation for the collective. You’re done dimming yourself down to ‘fit in’ and diluting your soul’s unique messages and gifts.


You feel the pull to support a shift in the collective consciousness and serve others on the journey into holding the New Earth frequency.  You’re so ready to jump in fully and connect with your own inner wisdom and guidance team to do that!

It’s time for you to find the freedom to express yourself fully in your divine truth and in all your being, through the eyes of the love that you already are


In this work you will step into empowered embodiment, find your abundance frequency and align to the universal flow that is already coded within you, to support you to make your moves as the divine healer you truly are.  ​ 

This mentorship is perfect for you if: 

  • Your soul identifies as a healer, lightworker, alchemist, witch or guide and you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of being fully in your service, or you've been serving strictly in a way you have been taught without adding your own uniqueness.


  • You are connected to your intuition, however, you can fall into doubt and uncertainty in following through with your inspiration.

  • Your fear of what others may think of your ‘woo woo ways’ and cellular memory of past persecution have been dimming your light and preventing you from standing in your services authentically.

  • You have a kind heart and love to give, but struggle with receiving and holding, especially the value of your sacred work!

Over our 6 months together, you will:


 🌟 Identify and clear the barriers standing between you and your soul service. 


 🌟 Remember the truth of who you are and why you came here, then be supported to do it!


 🌟 Reconnect to your inner wisdom and soul codes so you can walk your higher path with clarity and confidence.


🌟 Unlock and embody your unique offerings to others in healing, alchemy, and transformation! Connect to what makes you the you that nobody else can be...


 🌟 Step into sharing your gifts in service, comfortably in public, with pride and being congruent in all settings without the need to filter or wear social masks to avoid judgment.

 🌟 Reconnect to your divine light so you can facilitate the highest transformation with your clients and they can re-remember their inner light too! 




 You are the ripple effect that can change the world 😊 



Because it is imperative to continue to do your own inner work so that you can be a clear channel and hold the highest frequency possible for supporting your clients, we continue to meet and greet your resistances as they arise!


Your service will develop more rapidly and with joy when you prioritise your own evolution and growth. As you lead yourself through your ascension, you become more and more aware of the next best steps and how to take aligned action.


When you forget about your own alchemy, the avoidance takes you to the tempting distractions and your mastery becomes more difficult to hold, as does clarity in your intuition and higher self connection.


During our time together, you will be fully supported and held accountable, every step of the way, so you can deepen into your craft and begin to walk the path of your dreams in alignment with your soul's desires. 


Through our time together, you will:


  • Tap into and clear disharmonious energy that is playing out in your life, service, and in the development of your gifts. 

  • Transform experiences and faulty beliefs from this timeline and others, from ancestral programs and DNA coding. Become to recognise the gifts that these are… this is part of the magic 😉

  • Bring through to your conscious awareness how these programs have been keeping you stuck so you can co-create your world moving forward from a place of empowered choice! 


  • Become aware of the sabotage patterns that have been the running undercurrent for you and you will be shown the actions that will support you to change this in your 3D reality.

  • Re-encode your energy to align with your divine template which contains your highest truth, soul’s desires and harmonious belief systems so that you can best co-create with the source energy that is ready and waiting.

  • Access your higher self wisdom in ways that have been lying dormant until now, to awaken and activate the gifts you already are and to work with these to serve the planet.

  • Remove any barriers to you being in clear connection with your innate wisdom, your higher self and the Divine. From this space, you can know with clarity and deeply trust your path ahead and what you have come here to do.

  • Align with your intuition, understand and trust the information being presented to you, to serve your clients highest and best!

  • Identify and take the soul-aligned actions required to birth your highest service.


Experience yourself as the divinity that you already are, in aligned service!   Bridging Heaven & Earth…

How other healers have experienced working with me  - 

The processes I've been doing with Dr Niikee have really helped my step more fully into my lifes' work and be ok with being seen, no more hiding! There have been big shifts in my business as my vision expands and I've just produced my first recorded meditation series and have released it out into the world. This is major as I've always had issues with expressing myself for fear of judgement and it's remarkable that I don't feel that way anymore. I'm stepping into my power and finding my authentic voice, free to walk my path as my soul desires"  - Jade

Since commencing doing this work with Dr Niikee,  I have become increasingly aware of the patterns I’ve kept myself trapped in and realising how allowing these patterns (and beliefs) to continue is not good for my health or my soul. I am much more aware of energy and how it works and how it attracts more of the same and I’m working every day towards recoding these stagnant and stuck emotions. I feel so much more equipped to deal with things when they don’t seemingly go my way and I’m trusting to just move forward. I feel lighter, happier and confident to step into my power and own my gifts! "  - Pru

The Process -

Teamed up with ascended master guides, we begin by identifying energetic barriers that have been carried through your own timelines and your ancestry. These are the patterns that create resistance and hesitation in walking your path… 


We then activate and awaken you to what has been happening and how it has been playing out in your current life, so you can recognise the faulty beliefs and consciously choose to walk forward in a new way each day.  


This is key to effective and lasting change, by preventing the reimprinting that can occur from habits over time, even after the original programs have been cleared. 


Using individual and unique processes, as directed by the guides, we continue to clear energetic distortion and activate the light codes that already exist within you to show you what is possible for your highest and best outcomes and evolution!  

As we continue to do your inner work, your soul-aligned service will become clear as you embody your gifts and the awareness that you are already Divinity.

You will trust your intuition, meet your guides and have faith in your soul-led path that lay ahead...


When energy flows freely and smoothly in line with your highest potential, you also have the support of universal flow. From this aligned space the opportunities to really thrive and create the life that you want arrive with ease and grace!  

After each session, you are required to continue the work at home and will be given 'homework' to optimise the shifts experienced during the sessions to best support you in reaching your intentions and walking your highest path in line with your soul's desires.

Inclusions - 

  • 12 x fortnightly live clearing, activation and encoding sessions + recordings to continue the work between sessions.


  • Weekly guidance messages and energetic scaffolding.

  • Rolling Voxer or messenger chat for accountability, resistance clears and support as required to keep you moving onward and upward.

  • Daily homework practices for continued re-encoding and creation of new habits, ongoing upleveling of your energetics and reweaving of light codes. 


Are you ready for your next level of evolution?


Spend 6 months with me and the guides, walking each step of the way with you and into your mastery!

Sessions may be hosted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful clinic in Wellington Point, near Brisbane... Feel free to email me with any questions click here

This service is only available by invitation only! 


Book a free call with me to connect in and chat about you and your desires for your service by clicking here

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