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Elemental Magic

We have an opportunity in this life to discover the magic that is always around to support us.

Mother nature and her elementals are potent sources of energy that we often forget we have on our side. With some key awarenesses around how each operates, we can learn to bring their great value into our everyday lives.

In our modern world reality, we are taught to believe that we fall victim to illness and the only solution is to rely on a system to forever then take care of us... this couldn't be further from the truth. We become disempowered and relinquish any responsibility for our own actions and the potential that we have to heal ourselves!

With the changing times, awareness is all around us and we have a choice to be reconnected to that which is in alignment with our innate knowing.

Here I'm going to share with you our 4 main Earthly Elements and how we can bring them into our lives -

1/ Earth

Find your roots, that connection to the earth. Feel her strength, stability and support, allowing her to nourish you at that core level. Take a moment to pause and simply breathe, taking into your awareness down into your feet grounding your energy downwards. Notice how feels, the connection, just for another moment.

  • Are you taking on too much?

  • Does it all need to be done right now?

Allow yourself to prioritise and seek assistance where possible…. It is not your role to take on the weight of the world on your own. Take 5 minutes (or more) to walk barefoot on the grass or even better, laydown and release any tension in your body, mind and spirit. Gaia, always as, welcomes the opportunity to support you!

2/ Air

This element can be used to help create a broader perspective, the capacity to step back and see the bigger picture. Air creates space and within this space the opportunity to see the many other sides of the same coin.

Get some fresh air and take 10 gentle, steady and deep breaths, noticing the expansion that is created with each in breath. Really feel that extra space both in your body and mind. At the point at the very end of the in breath, notice that surrender and release that occurs with the out breath. This release of our own ideals over that of others creates the extra space for the expansion of our spirit.

Consider what other ways might also be the right way to do the same thing or to think about something? Allow grace to flow through you like the flow of the breath, uplifting and spacious…

3/ Fire

The flare of fire warms and transforms, invigorates and motivates! This element resides in the solar plexus, the seat of our self-worth, our self-efficacy and our capacity to see our own value. If there has been procrastination going on, consider where am I not trusting myself?

Invite the element of fire into your life, visualising and feeling its energy moving through you. Allowing its spark to move any stuck energy, transform any blockages and its sparkle to inspire action…. Feel its power, feel into its energy and allow your fire to create your dreams!

Importantly, know that you are worthy, valuable and more than capable of achieving anything that you set your heart on, but you have to give it a try.

4/ Water

On the waves of the ocean we can cleanse our emotions. All of our emotions are held in the waters of our body and we can utilise water in its elemental energy form to assist with washing away that which we are ready to release.

Each time you shower, bathe or drink water, you can visualise its energy moving through and transforming any disharmony in your internal waters, then thanking the water for assisting you always. Have you been playing the I’m tough card and bottling up your emotions?

Ignoring how we feel only adds to our energetic burden, as repressed emotions become pushed down further. Allowing yourself the opportunity to sit with how you feel, in acceptance first then welcoming its release. Calling on the high vibrational heart frequency is the most powerful way we can truly transform the energies that are no longer serves us!

Breathing in and out through the heart space, then bringing in feelings of gratitude and joy, moving these feelings through your heart space. Sit with this feeling for a few minutes, then reassess what you were previously feeling and if need be, sit in the heart energy for a few more minutes until you can notice the shift in perspective 😉

Is there one you feel naturally drawn to at this time?

Trust and see how it feels to work with it... 5 minutes is enough to feel a change in the moment and over time you will feel your energy be more harmonious during your everyday <3

ps. have you seen my upcoming Elemental Harmony Quest?

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