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Recorded Presentations & Talks
As an academic, teacher and speaker, I regularly present at conferences both nationally and internationally. My most recent presentations can now be found here....
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Is the scientific method flawed?

Fx Medicine Live Podcast January 2018
Talk title - 'Is the scientific method flawed? - Issues translating theory into clinical holistic practices'

Vibrations & Co-Creating Reality

Future of Intuitive Sciences Symposium - Tuscany Italy September 2018
Talk title - 'Vibrational Resonance and Creating Harmony - From ancient history through to modern day science' … Most recent recording now attached
Live Video
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GUT Health & Wellness

Your Health Your Choice - National webinar series; September/ October 2018
Talk title - 'Looking after your GUT so it will look after you!'
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Flower remedies for sleep and stress

Healthy Shiftworker Podcast - The Wellness Couch; November 2018
Talk title - 'Flower remedies for sleep and stress - Bringing energy back into balance'
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Energy Medicine Freedom

Live Webinar January 2020
Talk title - 'Releasing stuckness and aligning with your best life'

Accessing Your Intuitive

Live Webinar March 2020
Talk title - 'Accessing your intuitive - Getting to know your superpowers'

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

Live Podcast Interview April 2021
As 1 Heart - 'Opening to Life and Trusting Our Bodies as Instruments of Divinity'
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