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Learning to See in the Dark

The Owl has always been touted as a symbol of wisdom since the times of ancient Greece, where as owl would appear on the shoulders of the wisdom Goddess Athena. Their capacity to see in the dark is symbolic to the internal nature of the wisdom gained from reflective practices and time spent in seeking understanding of the deepest parts of ourselves.

Did you know that you are the best person to know what is happening within you?

Those little nudges when something doesn't feel right, that flash of insight when you ponder on why something has gone awry with your health? The wisdom to understand that the universe is always corresponding with us, if we choose to be still enough to notice, is our birthright. Allowing ourselves the time to reflect on how we are feeling and why, is one of the greatest gifts we can choose to give to ourselves!

Delving into the dark or our shadows is not meant to be an exercise in making us feel bad or in fear of our unworthiness. It is a chance to accept what has been as an opportunity to grow and to serve our awakening. In this very moment, light shines and the shadows that have been unconsciously influencing everything that we do, no longer exist.

It becomes an exercise in liberation, giving yourself permission to be as you are. With liberation comes freedom.... free to be your self, free to shine your light in your way and free from judgement. Best part is that once you love yourself, others can love you too. Value yourself and others will value you too!

This is the way that energy works. If you don't tolerate and accept yourself energetically, it is very difficult for others to see in you what you are not seeing in yourself. Positive or not, others will mirror to you what is hidden within you. So it works in all ways as a reflection of your energetic imprint that is created by your very thoughts and beliefs.

Good news is that it's not difficult, we just have to choose to make the time and space to create change... It's time to draw a line in the sand for the willing hearts!

Are you worth it?

I really hope that you said yes and believe it!!


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