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Creating Your Reality

Everything is made up of energy because everything is made up of moving atoms. The way that these atoms move create what we call a frequency or vibration, more so the rate at which these molecules move create waves of energy in lengths of different size. The slower moving molecules vibrate slowly and appear solid, whilst as the atoms begin to move faster they move through liquid into a gas state. They are still the same molecules, we just can't see them once they vibrate or move over a certain speed. A great example is water H2O, when it's frozen and vibrating very slowly, it appears solid. As we heat it up, the molecules move a bit faster creating a liquid and as we continue to heat it up, the molecules move even faster and become gas. It is all still H2O but in different states due to their different movement frequency. We term these 'invisible' molecules as having a faster speed of vibration or higher vibe! Our thoughts, feelings, physical structure and the environment around us, holds a particular frequency depending on what sort of energy we are creating with our thoughts, attitudes and patterns of belief. When we focus on problems, we create a slower vibrating frequency that can begin to have a snowball effect, especially over time and even beginning to create density in the physical body. What ever sorts of energy and vibrations we are creating in our day-to-day thoughts, beliefs and actions becomes the overall vibration that we hold in our energy field. This frequency then goes on to attract it's own likeness, so draws to itself more of that same vibration. I think you get the picture... Research has shown that once a physical body begins to vibrate at a frequency lower than usual, diseases are created! When we are mindful of what we are creating in our internal environment and recognise how this is affecting our external environment, we can start to use this and the other universal laws to create the life that we desire <3


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