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A Message Of Hope To Humanity

In a world that's in the midst of big changes, it can seem more chaotic than usual, where many of our previous plans had to be changed or stopped altogether.

We have had to do things in different ways and sometimes things that we've never done before... we might have found ourselves needing to tune out all the external noises and pay attention to the signs being sent our way.

I am writing this blog today because I wanted to share an important message with you.

A heart prayer sent, a message received

I received this message last week, one morning as we made our way down to watch the glorious sunrise over the beach...

As we approached the water, I could see the sun beginning to rise. At that moment I began to send a prayer for our collective to feel held and supported in these times of great change.

In an instant, it was shared with me -

'It has already passed... what is keeping it here is the focus on it. Know it is already done'

Glancing down on the path I was walking and saw a business card on it with these words - HOPE.

The deep awareness fell that we are creating our reality and it is time for us to make this change.

I HOPE this brings you as much of a sense of relief as it did for me...

Know in your heart that it's already done and the time will arrive much more quickly.

You are much stronger and much more resilient than you think

Struggling to find light in the darkness?

Remember this:

Everything is energy: how we function, how we think and how we feel! When we are empowered with the awareness of the greater reality, the rest falls into place. Faith in ourselves and faith in a picture, so much bigger than us.

It's happening all around us right now, but also, within us: great, rapid change that can often leave us feeling fragile and confused. It may feel like we have completely lost control over things, but the reality is, how we choose to be and create in our life is up to us.

It starts with awakening from the struggles of the mind and moving back home to the heart!

Recognise that you can easily become empowered and sovereign of your own destiny.

This is the key to finding your freedom beyond the struggle. Life can be so much more satisfying and rewarding when we start to open to the greater reality, beyond the limits of our old programs and outdated 3D conditioning.

Sending you so much love,

Dr Nx


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