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Mystic Adventures - Group Retreats 

Find Grace in the chaos and Peace in the simplicity of BEing.
You spend so much time looking after everyone else and know it's time to fill your own cup. You yearn to reawaken the magic in your life. Re-ignite your passion and find clarity on walking your life path as you desire.

Realign your heart, mind and life!
This Divine Union will take you through the Ethers to deepen and ground your experiences into embodiment so you can walk forward on your path with clarity, confidence and a renewed alignment to your purpose.

Remember the truth of who you are, beyond the stories and beyond the veil of illusion keeping the collective stuck in the repeating patterns of suffering.
You will release the untruthful programs of the Old Earth that have been collected through your past experiences and your ancestry. Open to the potentials of the New Earth that is here for you in the Now. Experience the shift in your energy layers, renew and deepen your connection to your Divinity, the Elements and your True Nature.
Feel the freedom of knowing that so much more is possible for you!

You are invited to join me and the wonderful Humans co-creating these Sacred Journeys

Our Next Adventure  

Come on a Mystics Adventure to the beautifully Sacred Ubud, in Bali, September 16-22, 2024.
The theme of this journey is Goddess and Devas -
Celebrating the Divinity of You through the Heaven and Earth Realms
We will journey through the Elements of our great Mumma Gaia, interwoven with the majestic tapestry of the Goddess frequencies. 
The intention of this journey is to reawaken you to your inner self and higher timeline so you can live the life you truly desire with Ease and Grace. Remember what you came here for and allow that to move through you without the doubts and fears holding you back.

Journey to the heart of this land and experience the mystery and magic it has to offer, interwoven with the Elemental and Goddess energies that will be coming along on the journey with you.


On this adventure, you will be -

💗immersed in the jungle in a traditional style Balinese Villa overlooking the rice field terraces to best relax and soak in the vibes.

💗pampered with uniquely prepared, gourmet local vegetarian foods to nourish your soul.

💗guided on journeys through the Earth Realm Elements to experience how you can bring these into your daily life to bring in more balance and harmony.

💗supported by various Goddesses through processes of self-exploration for your next layer of evolution.

💗taken to waterfalls, Sacred Temples and Meditation Chambers dotted throughout the region to immerse yourself in the culture that hold Divine reverence as the reason for their life.

Join Tosca the Joyful Goddess and me, Dr Niikee-sha on this incredible adventure. 
Meet the glorious Goddess Tosca - click here
Investment - all-inclusive aside from airfares
Earlybird until the end of May - $2500
From June through August - $2800 or until all spaces reserved.
Enquire about payment plans and deposits to save your place.
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