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Personal Energetic Mastery
Reclaim your physical health, wellness and sovereignty to create the life you truly desire through the magic of energy medicine mastery.

Through this work you will release the subconscious bindings, limiting patterns and outdated programs that are impacting your energy and physical health and wellbeing. Become empowered with the knowledge and awareness of energy medicine to transform your experience of your body, your emotions and your reality.


You’re in the right place..

You've spent so much time searching for answers both in the medical system and in other modalities. Even though you have had some relief here and there, you know there is something that has been overlooked. You know your life wasn't meant to be stuck in this struggle with low energy, digestive issues, hormonal issues and lack of joy.

So far, your life experiences have allowed you to recognise the depths and you have learned so much!

You know that beneath all of that there is so much more available to you than your symptoms and other ailments that at times feel like they are running the show.

How you feel on the inside reflects the external world and the only way to change the outside is by doing the inner work, as you already know which is why you have arrived here...

This guided program is perfect for you if you are ready to - 

  • identify what's blocking you from cultivating health,  peace and harmony in your body so you can access joy and gratitude more easily 

  • shift energetic patterns that are contributing to your physical symptoms and transform the past so you can move freely on your highest path ahead

  • feel clearer on the underlying cause of your health issues and rebalance your energy systems to align to living with ease & grace

  • become empowered within your own life and BE who you are without having to change yourself to please others or to get around how you are feeling

  • understand yourself and those around you more deeply so you can maintain more beneficial relationships and attract new ones

  • maintain emotional balance, stop confusion and create space for clarity in your world both inside and out

  • connect to your own truth and inner guidance to flow more harmoniously in your world and know which decisions to make as they arise

  • find your shine & share that light with others around you, so they have permission to shine their light too

  • fall in love with your life and live a life you LOVE, on path and on purpose

Your life will continue to progress towards your highest path, as you clear energetic density & uplevel your evolution to that of wellness and joy.

Through this work, you will - 


  • ​Understand your own energetics and identify how this is playing into physical dis-ease and other symptoms. With my background in Naturopathic Practice and Doctorate in Natural Medicine, I’m here to support your holistic transformation; body, mind & spirit!

  • Witness your health journey and life shift into the joyful experience your soul desires as you become empowered with conscious awareness of the root causes of disharmony which always stem from energetics.

  • Come to recognise that everything is made of energy and all energy is in a constant flow, aligned with its frequency. In fact, energy magnetizes itself so when we choose to clear old patterns & raise our vibration, everything automatically changes for the better!

  • ​Work with each module to transform your energy, harmonize stuck and subconscious patterns that aren't serving any benefit, and best of all lighten up your life and make you feel better in the long term.

  • ​Learn to intuitively recognise patterns of dysfunction in your energetics and be aware of how to best rebalance your energies at any time. See how different patterns relate to certain emotional traits and physical symptoms of disharmony within your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Work with various traditional & energy medicine practices to create another level of physical and emotional health and vitality 

​Receive 1-1 time with me along the way to guide you in moving through the deeper layered patterns and programs that can come through ancestry and your own timeline experiences, to support you on all layers of your being…



The Process - 


First up, you will have an initial session where we gather your physical health history and get clear on your starting point and plan moving forward, prior to diving into the modules.

Each month for 8 months,  you will receive a new module to explore and 3 more 1:1 Soul Alchemy Session, along the way.

This program has been specially designed to work with your body’s pace, through a mixed delivery format as you apply the potent tools and take empowered responsibility for your health and transform from the inside out in a stable and supported way.

'When energy flows freely and smoothly through our system, we have the opportunity to really thrive and create our best possible life, in line with universal flow and our higher self wisdom.... it is all frequency matching!'

Module overview -

Introduction to Energy Medicine - and how it all work

Discover the depth of the world of energy medicine and how important it is for health and wellness


Base Energy & Earth Element - grounding and manifestation

Bring yourself into presence so you can witness the magic already in the world around you and awaken to what it is sharing


Sacral Womb & Water Element - the waters of emotion

Recognise patterns that have come through your ancestry, how they are playing out in your current life and how to release these attachments that aren’t yours


Solar Portal & Fire Element - passion and purpose

Become aligned with what is possible for you in your life beyond the self-doubts and other limitations so you can walk forward in a way that you soul truly desires


Heart Centre & Air Element  - compassion and acceptance

Remember the truth of who you are so you can step into BEing as you are and empowered by your soul connection


Throat Space & Ether - finding our expression

Have the courage to show up in your truth with the freedom to express yourself from a space of love and understanding so that others around you can do the same.


Third Eye & Light - insight and reflection

Open to your innate gifts of insight so you can navigate your world from the space of clarity and inner wisdom


Crown Connection & The ALL - unveiling of consciousness

Embody all that you are as you integrate all of the opportunities for growth you have created for yourself through this process

Inclusions - 


  • Your Energy Medicine Mastery online portal has daily practices and powerful processes for you to continue the work in between our sessions, to optimize your transformations at each stage of the journey through your energetic system.

  • In our initial 2-hour session we will investigate your health history and current symptoms, as well as work on the best plan moving forward for you to support yourself through your external lifestyle and any herbal medicine or supplementation if required, to get you back on track and harmonise your physical. We will also check in with the guides to channel some guidance to anchor you into your evolution as you move forward in alignment with your highest and best!

  • ​​We continue to meet for 3 more Soul Alchemy Sessions, every 2 months, where teamed with the ascended master guides, we tune into your energetics, and complete a deep cleanse and reprogramming to get you ready for your next phase in this process

  • You have access to Voxer, Messenger or email connection with me to support you along the way as required :)

  • Bonus 30-day cleanse program for you to take at some point during your program to best support you reach your health goals long-term!

Are you ready to move toward the life that you truly desire?

Sessions may be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home (or office) anywhere in the world or face to face at my beautiful Wellington Point, Brisbane clinic space... click here for details

To find out what others have thought of working with me - click here

Feel free to email me anytime with any questions by clicking here

or book a free connect call with me to see if this is right for you by clicking here  

Exchange:   $4444  AUD

payment plans available at $555/month  


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Here's what others have thought about working with me in this way - 

" I've been experiencing hormonal issues for a year or two and realised the conventional route of medicine was limited and unable to provide me with the answers or treatment I was hoping for.  My search for something beyond the scope of this knowledge led me to Dr Niikee. During our sessions, Dr Niikee and her guides imparted a wealth of knowledge and magical processes to identify underlying causes and best ways to move forward. I have learned so much about true holism and my own health! There is an emphasis on the intrinsic connection between of mind, body and spirit: what we eat, how we live, what we think and the small adjustments we can make to produce big shifts. I'm profoundly grateful for Dr Niikee, her insights, kindness and work have optimised my health and wellbeing."   Lisa 

" My program with Dr. Niikee has been very helpful for me to identify blocks that prevent me from experiencing the health and happiness I seek.  Her processes and teachings are very concise and gentle yet potent and revealing. Dr. Niikee has deep insight and the ability to help me discern where and why my issues exist and how to deal with and resolve them. She is an excellent guide and mentor and I am in the midst of transforming.  I have changed many things about myself in the short time I have worked with Dr. Niikee. I control my temper now, I have more love in my heart, I am more forgiving and compassionate and find that I seek my inner wisdom first when questions arise within me.  I have also experienced a heightened sense of self-esteem, and less overall fear, I’ve lost weight and am sleeping great! I highly recommend Dr. Niikee to anyone that is seeking a breakthrough and understanding of how they may be subconsciously sabotaging themselves, preventing true health and happiness in their own life."  - Loren

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