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Reawaken - Private Soul Retreats
Discover and embody your true light.

A 5 day, 1:1 all-inclusive, luxury transformation experience


Reawaken your Divine Essence and reconnect to your truth to enjoy life, free from limiting beliefs and outdated programs.


You will look and feel a whole lot different as you

reconnect your mind, body and spirit,

experience your full potential & align with living your best life...

  • Uplevel the way you see and be in the world.

  • Leave the old self-limiting habits and thoughts behind.

  • Release repeating loops & recode new habits to thrive long termUn

  • Unlock your full expression and come home to yourself.

  • Reconnect to deep inner trust and amplify your intuition. 

Enjoy deluxe accommodation, healthy food, and snacks at an exclusive location in Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast. Nurtured, you can go deep into your next layer of evolution and uplevel your life from the inside out.


Through this experience, you will -   

  • Release limiting beliefs and programs of the past as you become grateful for how they serve you.


  • Transform your health practices to strengthen your wellness and vitality in the long term. 


  • Shift your perspective on what is possible for you. As a result, more becomes possible for you.

  • Open your heart to your soul's most honest desires, bringing you clarity for the path ahead. 

  • Balance your energetics so you can more easily flow with the world around you while maintaining your centre.

  • Reconnect to the Sacredness of life so you feel a part of something greater than yourself and always supported by a higher power. 

  • Expand your capacity to hold more light, have faith in your own potential and reclaim the life that you desire.

  • Harmonise your life inside and out so you feel vibrant and joyful for your path ahead, empowered with your own health and energetics.

  • Integrate your mind, body and spirit to live from your intuitive nature each day.

  • Deepen into the greater reality and New Earth frequency to embody your highest path.

The Process


We flow through 3 stages of your evolution - 

Body - Rebalance your physical environment, both inside and out.
We co-create movement and breath practices to reset your nervous system so you can expand into what else is possible with full vitality. You will leave with deep clarity around how to continue in a way that will achieve your health goals. 


Mind - Clear out old programs and other limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped in repeating cycles in your own life and also in your family lineage. This helps to create calm and allows more peace to be cultivated within. We then re-encode your being with higher frequencies and what it is that you truly desire.

Spirit - From here there is space for integrating the bigger picture reality, with an embodiment of the energetic laws of creation and manifestation. We reconnect you to your own divinity, inner wisdom, and resonance with oneness as the New Earth frequency. Finding flow in your life is much easier when aligned in mind, body and spirit. You will feel the presence of a Higher Power return to your life here. 

  • An introductory 90 minute session to plan your retreat accordingly to optimise our time together.

  • A beautiful 5-day experience tailored to your unique needs that includes Traditional Naruropathic and Energy Medicine, Yoga and Meditation, meal planning and preparation, and Mystical and Shamanic processes for your body, mind and Spirit. A schedule of your experience will be emailed to you a week prior and any of your questions answered before arrival. 

  • 1 x Energetic session, 2 weeks after our retreat, to support your continued integration & implementation for your highest alignment while back at home.

  • 1 x follow-up session 1 month after our retreat to check in and keep you moving in the right direction. 


Enjoy sacred time in Nature in Noosa National Park and the glorious surrounding Beaches to support the integration of your Soul Alchemy and your Spiritual Reunion.

Our introductory and follow-up sessions are conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your home (or office) anywhere in the world or back in our Sanctuary at Sunshine if you are local. 

Also included is access to an online resource portal valued at $888 so you have all that you need to continue your walk forward into your dream life when you are back at home -

  • 'Elemental Harmony Practice Series' with each uniquely coded element having its own frequency that plays a specialised role in your body, mind and spirit. You can use each of these as you feel guided to harmonise your own energetics whenever you feel called.

  • 'Intuitive Energetic Activations' This series of 7 takes you on a unique journey into the core of your being to bring through transformation in alignment with your highest and best at any time.

  • 'Raising Your Vibration' short daily meditation practices to keep your vibe high and light so you can enjoy each day as it comes as you integrate your transformation into daily life.

  • 'Yoga Library' with plenty of different styles of online classes for all levels you can access anytime.




Dr Niikee is a genuine Intuitive. Her sessions have helped me pinpoint the parts of myself that need healing and what is required to guide me through that journey. Inner work can feel messy sometimes, but Niikee has such a beautiful and calm energy throughout the process. I feel lighter and happier after each session, ready to progress as a person in body, mind & spirit.  Mandy


Hiya, when I came to you I was so flat. Ready to just crawl into a tiny space and go to sleep. I’m now feeling much better. So much lighter and happier. Even have more energy too. Loving my meditations and I’m excited about life again. Sleeping better also and finding joy again. Love you and so grateful for you and looking forward to my new adventures.  Wendy


The work on self knowledge and spiritual development that I have been doing for many years has undergone a great boost with the extraordinary help of Dr Niikee. She is a wonderful holistic therapist full of skills, knowledge and sensitivity. She has accompanied me in this process with dedication, generosity and acceptance. I have a lot of gratitude for her. Thanks Dr Niikee!  Geanie


My program with Dr. Niikee has been very helpful for me to identify blocks that prevent me from experiencing the health and happiness I seek.  Her processes and teachings are very concise and gentle yet potent and revealing. Dr. Niikee has deep insight and the ability to help me discern where and why my issues exist and how to deal with and resolve them. She is an excellent guide and mentor and I am in the midst of transforming.  I have changed many things about myself in the short time I have worked with Dr. Niikee. I control my temper now, I have more love in my heart, I am more forgiving and compassionate and find that I seek my inner wisdom first when questions arise within me.  I have also experienced a heightened sense of self-esteem, and less overall fear, I’ve lost weight and am sleeping great! I highly recommend Dr. Niikee to anyone that is seeking a breakthrough and understanding of how they may be subconsciously sabotaging themselves preventing true health and happiness in their own life.  Loren

From the first time I met Dr Niikee I loved her innate wisdom and all things wise in the academic world as it appealed to my way of healing the mind, body, spirit connection. I can tune in to my own body as a Medical Intuitive and will get the answers to what my body is saying. However, on this occasion I wanted outside insights and I knew that Dr Niikee would give me direct and supported information. Being a Nurse, I love all things medical and being a Medical Intuitive I love all things woo woo, both of which she does so well. 

What I loved was the whole process of the integrative care and how you gave me easy tips and wisdom for my health. I applied the tips straight away and have continued to do these each day as you suggested. Of course, my body has loved every bit. For those that are thinking of doing a session with Dr Niikee – it is a must as she is incredible. Her years of study and her innate wisdom are the best! Most of all she applies integrative health and is not just about popping pills! Dr Niikee – you are the best. So much love to you!   Jean


I've been experiencing hormonal issues for a year or two and realised conventional route of medicine was limited and unable to provide me with the answers or treatment I was hoping for.  My search for something beyond the scope of this knowledge led me to Dr Niikee. During our sessions, Dr Niikee and her guides imparted a wealth of knowledge and magical processes to identify underlying causes and best ways to move forward. I have learned so much about true holism and my own health! There is an emphasis on the intrinsic connection between of mind, body and spirit: what we eat, how we live, what we think and the small adjustments we can make to produce big shifts. I'm profoundly grateful for Dr Niikee, her insights, kindness and work have optimised my health and wellbeing. Lisa 


About Dr Niikee-sha


I've been in the world of Holistic Health for almost 30 years, earning my first Bachelor's Degree in Complementary Medicine in 1999.

As a leader in energetic wellness, I love facilitating my clients' most profound transformations in person in real time. You will be blown away by what is possible when healing is tailored especially for you!


My modalities include Naturopathy and Western clinical Science, Traditional and Energetic Medicine, Intuitive Guidance, Temple Mysticism and Shamanic Practice, Yoga and Meditation facilitation, restaurateur, and hospitality extraordinaire. 

I've facilitated wellness and healing sessions with private clients for two decades. For an entire month, me and the Ascended Master Guides I work with will walk with you to ensure your highest and best outcomes.

Book a connection call with me to chat about you and your intentions to create the next level of evolution in your life by clicking here

Investment:   $5555


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