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Align with your inner wisdom - be your own guide!

One of my specialties is creating and facilitating classes and workshops, which I host regularly. I also speak at academic conferences and in online forums both nationally and internationally... now sharing some of these online here too!

Another one of the things I'm most passionate about is empowering people with the tools and awareness to be masters of their own health and wellness. To support this process, I've designed these online resources which can be accessed at any time.

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Recorded Presentations & Guest Talks

You can find some past recorded presentations from conferences and symposiums nationally, internationally and online sharing my research and extensive knowledge base.

Your Creative Kitchen Recipe Compendium

Your Creative Kitchen is an easy to use online article & recipe compendium, with regular updates! This collection has been created to assist you in being able to cook with whatever ingredients you might have on hand, during season and also minimise wastage. There is also an ongoing library of nutrition information that will support you into the long term, without all of the hype ;)

Nutrition Education Portal

The Nutrition Education modules are designed for those who would like to understand more about the ins and outs of nutrition, backed by real science... move at your own pace through the recorded lessons and access to plenty of support resources.

Yoga Class Library

Whether you want to relax, destress, get more flexible or embody strength, there is something for all levels from beginner to practiced yoginis!

Mini Meditation Series

In only 5 minutes a day, you can completely change your life!
A selection of 5 minute daily practices to raise your vibration so you can easily magnitise your best possible life...

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