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Your Creative Kitchen

Your Creative Kitchen is an easy to use online recipe compendium, with regular updates! This collection has been created to assist you in being able to cook with whatever ingredients you might have on hand, to cook more affordably during season and also minimise wastage.


Using some basic concepts, you will learn how to be able to make quick and easy modifications not only to suit your taste but also the taste of others in your household at the same time. The same left-overs will become a thing of the past as you learn to create a number of different dishes from the same ingredients.

The compendium contains many other useful tips & tricks, as well as short articles to assist you in optimising your overall nutrition and understanding about food as medicine!


It is also periodically updated, so once you have your login, you will receive notification when any new additions arrive...

'My mission is to have you feel like a natural in the kitchen and after experimenting, start testing out your own ideas with different ingredients.

Once you have a few of the main basics in place, the rest is fun!!' 

Your Creative Kitchen Recipe Compendium

Your Creative Kitchen online recipes are easy to make in a range of different ways and easy to access with your very own online login, so you can find everything you need with a few clicks of buttons!

You might be pleasantly surprised just how flavourful whole food cooking with real ingredients can be, without having to add any processed nasties and other flavour enhancers. Much of it is in the technique, which you will master once you embark on your very own creative culinary journey……

The compendium also contains interesting articles on nutrition, as well as loads of tips and tricks to help you navigate short-cuts around the kitchen. I regularly add to and updates the collection to keep it interesting for you!

  • Access to your own online login to 'Your Creative Kitchen' recipe compendium

  • Email notification with updates


​                    Investment:  $55     

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