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Chakra Wisdom & Energetic Freedom 

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge on Chakra wisdom and how to use energy medicine practices for healing?


This educational and experiential journey into the ancient wisdom of Chakras & other traditional medicine practices and explores holistic wellness based on our energy systems - body, mind, spirit. As everything is made of energy, all energy creates vibrations, it's all in the science! We can use various energy practices and vibrational remedies to rebalance and bring harmony to our system and overall life. 


Our subtle energy layers often hold onto unexpressed emotions, inherited patterns of behaviour, attitudinal blockages and other barriers to our health and happiness. The chakras that exist in the body hold this information and as such can be used as a great tool to uncover that which is underlying may of our health issues and daily life struggles. 

Are you ready to -

  • stop the confusion and create space for clarity?

  • identify what's blocking you from cultivating peace and joy from within?

  • release the past so you can move freely on your path ahead?

  • bring balance in to your energy system so you can thrive on living with ease & grace?

  • love your life... it's our birthright!

This course is designed to assist you to intuitively recognise patterns of dysfunction in the body and how these relate to certain emotional traits and the energies of the different chakras. Working with these energy centres offers another level of insight and range of options in supporting yourself and others to find peace and harmony in life!

Enrolment in the course provides access to an online portal with each module video recordings and all the additional resources for you to download, use and review at any time. Extra resources include supportive vibrational flower essence remedies to help shift energy; meditations, visualisations and reflections to help establish permanent change in subconscious patterns of disharmony; yoga postures, chants and mudras to rebalance energy flow; as well as a plethora of useful tools for you to use and share.

Module sessions include -

  1. Introduction to Chakras and Energy - what are they and how it all works

  2. Chakra 1 - grounding and manifestation

  3. Chakra 2 - the waters of emotion

  4. Chakra 3 - passion and purpose

  5. Chakra 4  - compassion and acceptance

  6. Chakra 5 - finding our expression

  7. Chakra 6 - insight and reflection

  8. Chakra 7 - unveiling of consciousness


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Ongoing live masterclasses are held on the first Saturday afternoon (or Friday evening) of the season depending where you are in the world (2-4pm AEST +10GMT), March, June, September and December. These sessions will showcase additional content and processes to support the course content. It is also an opportunity for you to share and ask any questions, as well as additional practices and topics which will be sent out with each upcoming master class.

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Course Details

The Chakra Wisdom and Energetic Freedom Series can be done online at your own pace at any time! It's designed as an educational course and personal development journey, equipping you with tools to expand your own awareness and also wonderful resources for you to use and share with clients and loved ones. 

We start with the basics to deepen your understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection and then work through the many aspects of our energy layers, with a focus on each of the different chakras. The course includes access to all the resources through your very own online portal, including downloadable lectures, meditations, activities and other tools to accompany you on your journey through the ancient and mystical chakra energies.

             $555 for the entire 8 module series and full year of masterclasses


Testimonial August, 2019

Dr. Niikee’s webinars are amazing!

She is very kind and knowledgeable! She has so much to share with us.

Dr. Niikee is an astonishing teacher, and funny sometimes to keep us engaged on her classes. Her chakra course is very rich, full of new information! She shares with us slides, meditations, case study practices, audio files, affirmations and much more. She is always prompt to respond any questions we have. Her energy is lovely, she has so much love in her Being. The meditations are very profound and relaxing.

When I am listening to her teachings, I can’t even believe that we are 15 hours and about 15,700 km apart from each other. I feel her energy very present through the webinars. I am so grateful I have signed up for her course. It is helping me improve my understanding of energy and the chakras.

I have been learning so much from her! Thank you Dr. Niikee, for this fantastic course and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. You are a wonderful teacher! 


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