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Clear your resistance,

claim your gifts &

create your

highest service!

Wellness Energy Medicine Wellington Point Queensland
​It’s my mission and passion to support healers and other guides to open to your unique gifts and remember why you came so you can shine your true light and walk forward in your soul-led service with ease and grace.

Feel the joy that comes from co-creating your life in flow with source energy and aligned with your heart's desire & soul’s plan!​​

Once old programs & limiting beliefs are transformed,
magic happens! Life wasn't meant to be such a struggle...

Teacher   -   Mystic   -    Mentor

 For almost 30 years, I've been helping people realign with harmony and create their highest potential life through my service.

After decades of successful service, I have been called to focus on helping YOU create your unique soul-led healing practice and as a result of your own upleveling and embodiment through the process, it happens with ease and grace. 

As Medicine Woman, Light Channel, Intuitive Energetics Master Guide & Teacher,  I am here to walk with you on your journey back home to your heart and do what you came here to do!


Imagine you have...

  • Reconnected to your divine light and intuition. 

  • Feel you are on path, on purpose and living your best life. 

  • Created  clarity & alignment in your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Become an open channel of higher wisdom to serve others with your unique gifts. 

  • Created a thriving soul-led business through your own healing and embodiment.

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Who is Dr Niikee-sha?

Dr Niikee-sha is an energy specialist, medicine woman and intuitive guide with over 25 years of experience in many energy medicine and traditional healing modalities, as well as in clinical naturopathy and academic research. 

Her expertise has focused on client transformation, moving them through deep ancestral programs and other faulty beliefs collected through timeline experiences, to embody the True Self in the Now.  Niikee-sha is a master at bringing the subconscious to light, as a divine light channel for ascended master guides.  


The decades she has spent in holistic healing, working clinically as a therapist and teacher, provide her the foundation to best support you in your own evolution and how this translates to your service with clients - body, mind and spirit!


"I was amazed that the information you picked up was so accurate, and you also picked up I did what I did to protect myself. When I did the private meditation and another of the meditations you shared, which I did for the 2 weeks as suggested, it finally helped me to transform in a way nothing else did. No amount of remedies, reiki, mindfulness or visualisations, reading metaphysical books, nothing worked, not even when you have every intention to make your life better – so decided to let this part of me go as it didn’t help me in my life or moving over into becoming a practitioner. I felt something change in me that I haven’t noticed before.
Looking forward to doing some more work with you." - Joanne
"I have noticed a real shift in my energy and recently noticed my deeper capacity for holding a healing & nurturing space … I ran a retreat last weekend, and I was blown away by how potent the weekend was!  I noticed a shift compared to the one I ran earlier this year.  I could feel I was holding an even more stable and loving container for the women, who continually said to me how safe and supported they felt … and I came away from the weekend feeling so much more at ease in myself and a greater belief in who I am and what I do!  " - Sharon

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Upcoming Events

  • Elements of Heaven & Earth - Live Journey
    Elements of Heaven & Earth - Live Journey
    Mon, 22 Apr
    22 Apr 2024, 7:00 am – 30 June 2024, 11:00 am
    22 Apr 2024, 7:00 am – 30 June 2024, 11:00 am
    A 10-week, Activation & Embodiment Series
  • Solstice New Earth Awakening
    Solstice New Earth Awakening
    Fri, 21 June
    21 June 2024, 6:33 am – 7:33 am AEST
    21 June 2024, 6:33 am – 7:33 am AEST
    Channelled Guidance for what's possible on your path ahead!
  • Intuitive Energetics Practitioner Program
    Intuitive Energetics Practitioner Program
    Tue, 01 Oct
    01 Oct 2024, 1:00 pm – 04 Apr 2025, 2:00 pm
    01 Oct 2024, 1:00 pm – 04 Apr 2025, 2:00 pm
    Learn the art and craft of Intuitive Energetics!
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