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Are you ready to connect to

your inner wisdom,

transform stuck patterns

& live your best life?

Wellness Energy Medicine Wellington Point Queensland
​​My mission is to support those drawn to healing & the healing arts,
to find clarity, reconnect to joy & become inspired to create
a healthful aligned life, in their unique way...
Once old programs & limiting beliefs are cleared, magic happens!!

Hi, I'm Dr Niikee, I'm here to guide you to what else is possible.

Teacher   -   Healer   -    Mentor

For over 25 years,

I've been inspiring clients on their journey to

reconnect with their joy & align with what else is possible for them in body, mind, spirit, and life.

As Medicine Woman, Divine Light Channel & Intuitive Guide, I am here to walk beside you, supporting you on your journey!

Imagine a life where you have...

  • freed yourself from unnecessary burdens & barriers which hold you back from being the best version of yourself. 

  • found clarity & alignment in your body, mind, and spirit to become open to all that life can bring you.

  • gotten to the bottom of what is happening with you and why.

  • improved your quality of life so that you wake with sparkle each day.

  • improved energy and restful sleep so you feel resilient to stress and overwhelm, walking each day with a deep knowing of your inner truth.

  • positivity on your life path ahead, with an inspired overall outlook.

  • cleared negativity from your past and expanded your awareness to live with flow and harmony inside and out!

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What is True Wellness?

When looking at health & wellness, we must consider the trinity of body, mind, and spirit.

Working together with our ascended master guides, we assist you in understanding the cause of imbalances in any and all layers of your being. These can be 'passed down' through family lines or through your internal or external environment.

Whether it be physical health, mental and emotional wellness, or your spiritual evolution,
my range of private sessions and group programs will
support you align to with your heart's desires at any stage of your journey!

Your body heals itself in the right environment and that's all it needs!
Yoga and Wellness Wellington Point, Queensland

 *Private Health Fund Rebates Available on Some Services*

Over the decades, I have supported hundreds of people transform limiting beliefs, clear repeating patterns
& align to the truth of who they really are
so they can live their best possible life! 

"I was amazed that the information you picked up was so accurate, and you also picked up I did what I did to protect myself. When I did the private meditation and another of the meditations you shared, which I did for the 2 weeks as suggested, it finally helped me to transform in a way nothing else did. No amount of remedies, reiki, mindfulness or visualisations, reading metaphysical books, nothing worked, not even when you have every intention to make your life better – so decided to let this part of me go as it didn’t serve or help me during the difficult times when I needed it the most. I felt something change in me that I haven’t noticed before.
Looking forward to doing some more private sessions with you." - Joanne
"It has been such an eye and heart opener to do your intuition course. I am deeply grateful for being part of it.
Since the first session, I could already feel an energy shift. Since we started the course I have had many opportunities opening up to me, tapped into my intuition, and have had people flocking to me for healing sessions. This is something that I have always wanted to do and now the time is ripe.
The divine has its own perfect timing for things to unfold." - Sarah

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Upcoming Events

  • Intuitive Energetics Practitioner Program
    05 May, 8:00 am – 22 Oct, 11:00 am
    Via Zoom
    Learn the art and craft of Intuitive Energetics!
  • Harmonising Energy Frequencies
    Sun, 18 June
    Wellington Point
    18 June, 5:00 pm – 16 Aug, 9:00 pm
    Wellington Point, 1 Oceanic St, Wellington Point QLD 4160, Australia
    This series of in-studio new moon circles is all about our central energy dynamics, where we house our passion, compassion & the sharing of our own truth...
  • Illuminate - Open to the Mysteries
    Tue, 11 July
    Online via zoom
    11 July, 7:00 pm AEST – 22 July, 8:30 pm AEST
    Online via zoom
    An 11-day master series to Illuminate your light through the Master Keys!