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​​Looking to find clarity around your wellness and understand how you can best support yourself naturally?
I'm here to guide you.

Teacher   -   Healer   -    Mentor

For over 25 years, as a Holistic Health Specialist, Traditional Medicine & Intuitive Guide, I've been supporting clients 

find balance and alignment in their 

body, mind, spirit, and life.

Based in Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia,

I serve clients locally and globally, in-person and online.

Helping hundreds tap into their inner wisdom and
find their optimal holistic health and wellness 

"I was amazed that the information you picked up was so accurate, but you also picked up I did what I did to protect myself. When I did the private meditation and another of the meditations, which I did for the 2 weeks as suggested, it finally helped me to transform in a way nothing else did. No amount of remedies, reiki, mindfulness or visualisations, reading metaphysical books, nothing worked, not even when you have every intention to make your life better – so decided to let this part of me go as it didn’t serve or help me during the difficult times when I needed it the most. I felt something change in me which I haven’t noticed before.
Looking forward to doing some more private sessions with you." - Joanne
"It has been such an eye and heart opener to do your intuition course. I am deeply grateful for being part of it.
Since the first session, I could already feel an energy shift. Since we started the course I have had many opportunities opening up to me, tapped into my intuition, and have had people flocking to me for healing sessions. This is something that I have always wanted to do and now the time is ripe.
The divine has its own perfect timing for things to unfold." - Sarah

Imagine a life where you are...

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  • freeing yourself from unnecessary burdens & barriers.

  • finding clarity & alignment in your body, mind, and spirit.

  • getting to the bottom of what is happening with you and why.

  • improving your quality of life no matter what is out of balance.

  • reducing stress and overwhelm, improving energy and sleep.

  • feeling more positive on your path ahead, with a better overall outlook.

  • clearing the past and expanding your awareness so you live with flow and harmony

What is True Wellness?

When looking at your health holistically, we consider body, mind and spirit. And become aware of the underlying causes when you become unwell. Is it 'passed down' through family or is our internal or external environment adding to the fire?
Unless the underlying cause is addressed, a problem never really goes away.
With small adjustments & finding your balance, you will regain your health and happiness.
Your body heals itself in the right environment and that's all it needs!

Body - Vitality

Mainstream healthcare sees different parts of you as separate, making it impossible to achieve true healing.
A successful health plan  is one that sees you as a whole person, looking at the layers of what is going on, inside and out;
how you are feeling and what's happening around you too.
Through a calm and relaxed simplicity, cultivating positivity & happiness comes naturally!
Balance your heart, mind & life...
You are not broken, just at times out of balance.

Mind - Self Discovery

Through open and supportive exploration of the unknown, ones truth has space to surface and light to shine, uninhibited.
Align with your inner truth and environment to create abundance in your life & joy in your heart. 
Feeling well and being content with what is, allows energy to flow much more freely
without getting stuck and causing ongoing issues in the body and mind. 
Awaken to the greater reality and find freedom from the struggle!

Spirit - Transformation

Intuition is not a super power for a select few.
Everybody is able to access their inner knowing. It is natural to us all and we have just forgotten how to use it.
Realise happiness, health & harmony at your deep soul level.
Reconnect to your innate wisdom, your individuality and sovereignty.
Transcend stuck patterns from the past and free up your energy to move in flow with your best life.
Give yourself permission to open to what else is possible!
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 *Private Health Fund Rebates Available.

Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

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Upcoming Events

  • Energy Medicine Mastery
    Energy Medicine Mastery
    Online via https://drniikee.podia.com
    30 Mar 2021, 7:00 pm AEST – 30 Mar 2022, 8:08 pm AEST
    Online via https://drniikee.podia.com
    A year long exploration of the Energy Medicine wisdom and practices to support healing & transformation into freedom!
  • Cleanse, Clear & Create Your 2022
    Cleanse, Clear & Create Your 2022
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    03 Jan, 7:00 pm AEST – 31 Jan, 7:00 pm AEST
    Available online or in-person
    Cleanse your Body, Clear your Mind & Create your Best Life, Your Way!
  • Archetypes and Intuitive Energetics
    Archetypes and Intuitive Energetics
    Online via Zoom
    02 Feb, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Online via Zoom
    Journey into key aspects and gentle energetic practices to support the transformation of various shadow archetypal patterns into their light form.