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Vitality Wellness Program

Creating lasting improvements in your long term wellbeing is very important to keep you in good health and prevent chronic disease.  This can take time as habits and patterns need to be reprogrammed and replaced with new health promoting activities. How we feel both inside and out needs to be considered to help align with our highest potentials and optimal living experiences.

Are you tired of trying so many different methods and plans with little success, especially in the long-term? The Vitality Wellness Program is a 3 month intensive designed to assist you in achieving optimal wellness and to support you in the process of making lasting changes. We address the many layers involved with certain behaviours which goes well beyond giving you a one-size fits all solution.  This is why so many of Dr Niikee's clients have been able to turn their lives around for the better!


The Vitality Wellness program will help you on your way on to manageable and permanent shifts in your wellbeing and maintenance of health promoting behaviours..... most importantly ensure that you are loving every minute of it!

The program starts with a comprehensive Holistic Wellness Analysis to assess your physical and environmental status, followed on with a Creating Changes goal setting session, to help you get clear on where you want to be. From there you might have either a Yoga therapy or Wellness counselling consultation, depending on what's most suitable for you! Mid way through, at around the week 6 point, you attend a Follow up to check in and see how everything is going and commence one of Dr Niikee's 30 day lifestyle programs, again whichever best suits your needs. The following fortnight you meet again for yoga therapy or wellness counselling. The next step will be to complete a Diet and Lifestyle Analysis to help you create a plan to continue on with into the future.  To conclude the 3 month journey, you meet again with Dr Niikee to make any needed adjustments to your plan moving forward helping to ensure your greatest chance of maintaining all of the wonderful new habits you've been able to create over this signature Vitality Wellness Program.

Program Details

The Vitality Wellness Program includes the following services scheduled fortnightly (full details of each component can be found by clicking on the title to be taken to each separate page):


Investment: $997

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