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Vitality Reset Plan
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Program Details

Over 30 days you will have the opportunity to reset your overall health and vitality, mind and body! It includes all of the tools that you need to get yourself back on track or to completely overhall your current lifestyle. There is the opportinity to try out new things to see what works best for you alongside your other commitments. Take the guess work out and take the time to find what works for you as an individual to support your wellbeing into the long term.

We focus mainly on empowering you to make healthier choices easy and at the same time feel nourished and nurtured, so that you can continue to do everything that you do in a day, with ease and grace. There is a goal setting component and progress tracker to keep you on track, as well as simple yoga practices and movements, mindfulness and meditations to support you reducing stress and allowing yourself to thrive.


Stress is the number one reason we can become depleted... the good news is that there are simple techniques which can reset your nervous system and overtime completely change the way you handle your everyday. Kick stress, overwhelm and fatigue to the kerb and find your love for life once more!

The main components of the program are

  • optimising your food intake and habits

  • creating balance in your work life schedule

  • changing stress patterns with mindfulness & meditation

  • acheivable goal setting and managable planning 

  • re-energising your life

  • finding what works for you

This 30 day program will get you on track and creating life-long beneficial habits that suit your interests and tastes. Learn how to best support your health for the long-term so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. All inclusive is access to 'Your Creative Kitchen' recipe & article compendium and the Nutrition Education Portal, so you can optimise your health and wellness balance into the longterm. 

You can upgrade to include a private consultation with Dr Niikee prior to starting to tailor it to your needs and follow-up check ins along the way. Additional in-studio or online yoga classes can also be added to your package to support a balanced lifestyle, reduce stress levels and have you well on the way to the life that you desire!

This do it yourself program has everything you need to succeed in reaching your health goals and maintaining them into the future! It is possible to email me questions at any time during your program to help you stay on track and also address any of your concerns throughout the process!

It is possible to add a 1.5 hr private consultation with me before commencing the program, to tailor make your program to best suit you. This includes an assessment of where you are at with your current health and wellbeing, as well as looking at goal setting and planning. We will then create the most suitable plan to move you forward given your tastes, daily habits and schedule. You can book your private session with me by clicking here

If you would like the opportunity to chat with me to connect, you can book in a free 20 minute call by clicking here

It is possible to add additional follow-up consultations during and/or after the programme for extra support.... click here

The package includes online access to - (you can check it all out here)

  • Vitality Reset personalised plan and support resources

  • Goal Setting & Reflection activities, progress tracker

  • Mindfulness Webinar and Meditations to reduce stress

  • Morning and Evening short yoga flow sequences

  • Yoga technique and alignment video clips

  • Nutrition Education Portal access 

  • Your Creative Kitchen Recipe Compendium

                Investment:  $333 program and email access or $555 with added private consultation


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