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True Wellness and Taming the Mind

I often hear from people that they cant meditate because they cant' keep their mind still! Sound familiar? Well the good news is that mindfulness is not about that, it is about being aware of where the mind is taking us and how our thoughts trigger our feeling states.

As we start to step back and observe our own minds, it becomes apparent quite quickly that so much rubbish filters through and gets thrashed around ALL of the time. This is step 1... from there you can begin to witness how our thoughts play with our emotions, especially when we get stuck on a particular thought train! Can we be 'mindful' of what is happening and hop off that train, before it takes us on a wild ride?

There are some really simple techniques we can use to keep the nervous system calm so we can stay in the space of being able to respond reasonably to what is happening within our minds. This awareness is super useful, before it turns into an imbalanced reaction that has us believing what might not even be true....


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