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I'd love to start here with saying a big Thank-You!

Thanks for all that you do and thanks for being you ;)

Too often we are busy finding the things that aren't right with ourselves, focusing on how we can do better and how we are aren't good at this and that for some reason or other!

The truth is that we are enough and we are doing the best we can! Check in with how that feels... let it sink in.... did you find yourself doubting this statement or making up some story about how you don't try hard enough etc. etc. etc.

These are the stories that keep us stuck in the struggle and feeling down on ourselves which then filters out into everything around us! We become a slave to our thoughts and our minds, allowing it to dictate how we are seeing the world.

The good news is that this is the nature of the mind and as we start to recognise just how much we can get caught up in the mind, the easier it is to step back and reassess our thoughts about things before they can get out of hand.

Fluctuations of the mind are completely normal and many ancient traditions speak of the key to peace and happiness is freeing ourselves from the suffering created by the mind.... not suffering that happens in the world around us, but our internal suffering.

There are many different methods ranging from mindfulness and meditation, reflection and visualisation practices, to doing things that you simply enjoy like singing, relaxing, dancing, the ocean, being in nature (the list goes on) that can all assist in releasing the patterns that aren't serving us.

By being present in the moment, we can get a window outside to see reality just as it is, without the stories and judgements created from our ego mind. Taking anytime out that you can to unplug will help you to find peace within the chaos of our crazy modern world!

What are your favourite ways to unplug?


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