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Steps to Receiving Insight

We all have an innate capacity to have a whole other level of awareness. An awareness that is outside of what we have learnt from childhood in the physical world. As you continue moving on your spiritual journey, you will find yourself receiving more intuitive information and insight.

But how do we know if it's real or not... how do we trust it?

There are 3 key steps to finding clarity in knowing that you are actually receiving insight instead of having doubts about whether this information is real or made up in our heads.

Step 1: Finding Stillness

Learning to slowing down and living in the moment, allows us to cut through all the white noise that we live in. Finding stillness is the first step that brings us to the next step, "creating space"

Step 2: Creating Space

Once you are able to cut down all that white noise, you are able to create more space. By creating space, we are taking ourselves out of that stress response and worrying about the future and our to-do list. We can then focus on the moment, on the sunset, on the flowers, and really be open to receiving fully what information is being sent to us.

Step 3: Raise Your Vibration

Higher frequency information can be accessed when you are at that same vibrational frequency. Energy magnetises itself so whatever is a vibrational match will be drawn towards it. That's why you want to always be mindful of your vibration and how to turn it up a notch!

Once you're practicing these 3 steps, you'll know that you are indeed receiving insight and not being influenced so much by ego protection or fear-based programming.


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