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Science Meets Consciousness: Where Does Energy Come From?

In today’s blog, we will delve deep into “energy”. From where energy actually comes from to how other people’s energy has the power to affect us, let's explore how science is connected to spirituality in a unique way.

This blog is a glimpse into my video below “What is energy?”

I welcome you to watch the video and it includes slides with pictures as well to help guide you through!

Where does energy come from?

When we think about energy, energy is everywhere, and everything has energy. This is because everything is made up of molecules, and according to science, molecules are constantly in motion.

This is due to the subatomic particles.

If you remember back to school science, you might remember the atom. There’s a nucleus in the middle, and then electrons around the outside. Inside the nucleus, we have what's called subatomic particles, and these tiny particles have been found to move. And what these movements do is create waves of energy.

Frequency is the term we use for the speed of the vibrational waves caused by the movement of different molecules.

Waves can be longer, or they can be shorter. When waves are longer, we say that it has a lower frequency because fewer of those waves are going to pass a set point. Then if you've got shorter wavelengths, it is said to have a higher frequency and this higher frequency information moves much more quickly. On the other hand, lower frequency information moves much more slowly.

How fast that the molecules are moving will determine how it appears.

You know, it can be hard at first glance, to imagine that things that appear solid are actually moving. Our chairs are actually moving and our tables are too! But the reason that they appear to be solid is that they're moving so slowly.

We can explain this further by using the analogy of water.

Water is H2O, made up of these molecules joined together. And so when we freeze water, we slow down the movement of those molecules so much that they become solid, ice.

When we speed up the movement of those molecules by heating them up, it turns into liquid, and then if we continue to heat them the molecules move even more quickly and become gas. It doesn't mean they don't exist anymore, just because we can't see it.

Matter cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms.

So, we also have our solid parts, our liquid parts, and then we have our energetic parts, as well. But our energetic parts are moving so quickly that most people aren't able to see it with normal vision.

In fact, everything creates energy, including our thoughts and feelings. This is what starts to then affect the function within our physicality.

Next step

If you have found this video really interesting, I have loads of other ways you can learn more about energy and the science of spirituality through my school -

As always, reach out with any questions, dear one!

Dr Nx


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