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Riding the Waves of Life

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is fairly common saying getting about the place or ‘Don’t worry be happy’.

Whilst these have a good underlying philosophy, we need to be careful that we are not allowing ourselves to pretend that certain things aren’t going on in our lives when they are actually really upsetting us. There is a great benefit in keeping your vibration high and the best way to keep it high in the long term is to respect your own feelings and listen to these as they arise.

Emotions are always our ally and teacher!

They are pointing to things that need to be looked at and changed so not to keep reoccurring or even get stuck down in our subconscious and eventually turn into physical dis-ease. Basically, if there is someone annoying us, we should look at this and notice whether it is about us or them? If they are doing something directly to us, best practice would be to discuss with them as often they might not even realise that they are bothering you.

On the other hand, someone who always seems grumpy is likely suffering on the inside and their grumpiness is not at all about you; it generally reflects how they are feeling because of what is going on in their own lives.

When we can view it in this bigger picture way, you will find that the actual bother you were feeling will start to transform into more of an understanding and compassion for the other person in suffering. If not, perhaps considering what is happening in your own life that is causing your suffering??

Importantly, self-reflection isn’t a practice of digging into and making us feel bad! It is a practice in recognising that we all have stuff to resolve, often coming through our family lines and the only way to be relieved of it is to feel it & recognise it; allow it the time to be released.

In traditional mindfulness practices, we start to become more aware of the fluctuations of the mind and not allow them to control us! Ultimately it is our mind that causes our emotions by the way that we think about things and not the actual external circumstances that cause us to feel the way that we do. Happiness is an inside job and doesn’t come from external things, people or events!

Recognising our emotions and allowing them to come and go is the key to moving towards true wellness. Feel your emotions and allow them to be released as it is the hanging onto and repeating the same scenarios over and over in our minds that causes our suffering and lowers our overall energy levels and vibration.

So, if we start to use our varying emotions as signals into our environment and learn from them, we start to take leaps and bounds into our own personal growth and level of vibration!

Here is a link to a short talk I’ve done on YouTube on mindfulness, which includes a lovely short practice that can quickly move you out of stress mode reactions and into a calmer space...


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