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What is your body is telling you?

Reflections and the Mirror

There is always so much happening in and around us that it can, at times, be difficult to find clarity. Especially where our health is concerned!

Over the centuries we have become more and more distant from our own innate healing capabilities, always looking outside of ourselves for the answers. The truth is that all of our answers are within and with a bit of direction, ultimately need to do the work ourselves to recreate our dysfunctional patterns and programs.

Our physical bodies are like signposts, pointing us in the direction of what is out of alignment in our hearts, minds and lives. From every tickle and twitch, all the way through to pain and limitation! Everything has a deeper meaning as our physical directly reflects what is happening in our subconscious.

Each thought, each feeling and each action creates our overall energetics when all combined. Our energetics is a reflection of our subconscious, as we run our lives through this hidden part of us without even knowing.

How we act and react in different situations is reflecting patterns of our past. Have we allowed the opportunity to heal these, or have we attempted to keep it hidden? The thing is that we can't trick our energy...

How we feel becomes a mirror image of how we heal!

In fact, our true nature is in balance with all things...

When we go out of balance by holding on to various life experiences or our ancestral patterns that are transferred through DNA, our energy becomes denser and less able to move properly through our physical structure.

As a result, over time our physical begins to not function properly and dis-ease can arise.

It really is that simple!

We are not victims of our health, more so these are opportunities to grow and evolve through patterns and programs that aren't serving us any benefit. When we can start to become empowered with what is possible for us, everything begins to change for the better.

As always, reach out if you have any questions?

With kindness,

Dr Nx


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