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Initiates, Ancient Codes and Wisdoms Of The Universe

In today’s blog, we uncover the concept of ancient codes, the ancient teachings of universal energy and the initiates that continued to pass on this knowledge, through the lineage.

In the great temples of old, some of the greatest minds of humanity were cultivated. The likes of philosophers and scientists like Socrates, Aristotle and Pythagoras to name a few...

Times of war fell and many of the ancient mystery scrolls were scattered across the globe to protect them from demise. Later during the Renaissance, many of these surfaced to bring into being greats such as Michelangelo, da Vinci and Copernicus, the list goes on.

What Ancient Times and Ancient Teachings reveal

Ancient Teachings about the Universal Laws, empowered people with knowledge and wisdom that allowed them to tap into their true nature, their inner wisdom.

With this knowledge, we start to witness how these laws play out in the world around us and everything begins to change. We recognise how we, in fact, are the creators of our destiny. We are not merely passive recipients of the world around us.

Over the past few millennia, we have been disempowered to our own birthright. Our capacity to grow and know ourselves for the truth of who we really are; what makes us tick and what we have as our unique gifts to share with the world.

Awareness of Energy and the Rise of the Initiates

This awareness of energy and how energy works has been at the forefront of many great civilizations over time, starting back from ancient times, ancient Egypt, in the great library of Alexandra, and in the temples of Greece.

In these great halls, teachers would teach students - these students were called initiates. And these initiates would come from far and wide, drawn to the teachings that would open and expand their understanding of what was all around us.

In turn, these initiates would go on to become teachers for generation after generation.

Some of these greatest wisdom teachers work is still us at the forefront of math and technology today. For example, Pythagoras, Archimedes, and the list goes on.

All of these minds were birthed because they were open to infinite possibilities. They didn't have anyone telling them what they could and could not do. They would just live in their space, being open and creating.

Ancient Wisdom Meets the New World

The beautiful thing about all this information is we can start to use this to create our own environment. We are all capable of creating our own reality.

We are constantly creating each day, by our thoughts and by our feelings, whether we like it or not, or whether we know it or not. The more we allow ourselves to expand our reality, the more we are actually able to connect with these old wisdoms where lies Truth.

We're at a time now where there is a resurgence of these ancient teachings, with the sciences beginning to verify what has always been known. This innate wisdom, bringing us through to a point of liberation.

Join me at the Initiate Temple

It would be my absolute privilege to have you join me in the next group gathering for the Initiate Temple. For three weeks we will immerse in a held container with other amazing souls and delve into the mysteries of the Universe. Re-remember your birthright and walk forward in a way that resonates with your own choice.

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