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Finding Stillness - Meditation Series 1

I often get asked, what is the secret to meditating?

Quite often one of the biggest challenges is to be able to control the mind, to be able to stop the, the fluctuations. It is no surprise at all, because we are so inundated with anything and everything these days in our modern world, that to be able to just unplug and switch off would be really difficult for most of us.

I attest too, without the practice that I put in, it was really difficult for me at first to be able to meditate. It's like anything, it's a practice, and for as little as five minutes a day, you will really start to see some big shifts with your internal environment. Then from your internal environment, you start to see the world around you change.

I often recommend for people to start with five minutes, try to make the commitment for each day. Five minutes isn't a long time, no matter how busy we are, if you really want to create change in your life! Once you start to feel the differences, it makes it much easier to keep going with it as well, because you really start to see such dramatic changes, particularly over time.

I’ve created this meditation series to assist with making the process easier and also to help you to understand why the practice is so beneficial for our health, body, mind and spirit!

For this first video we will be focusing on finding stillness…. As best we can 😉

The practice I share is a really simple, strategically simple practice where all you need to do is notice your breath. I totally understand that it is not as simple to control the mind particularly if you have never done a breath practice before! It's like riding a bike, very few people would just be able to jump on a bike and ride. With patience and allowing yourself the time and the space, you will start to notice some huge differences.


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