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Chakra Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide To Navigating The 7 Chakras

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at each of the chakras while we're in a meditative state. If you want to meditate with me, click here to watch the guided meditation as we explore all 7 chakras in our bodies.

The Importance of Chakra Meditations

The purpose of being in a meditative state is so that we can firstly be relaxed, which allows us to then energetically expand, which is the opposite to busy, stress, and overdoing! As we're more expansive, we're more easily able to access our inner wisdom, the information that already exists within us ALL.

When we're reflecting on what's happening within, all of the answers we seek are already available. So, during this chakra process, let's move through each of the chakra spaces, starting from the bottom and making our way to the top, allowing anything that is in our energy, to be presented to us along the way.

As we meditate, I invite you to just stay as open as possible during the process. Avoid holding on to any thoughts and if you do become aware of a thought or happening, let it go for now so you can stay open in the expansive process :) You can come back, afterward, and reflect on what actually happened at the very end of the meditation.

What Happens During A Chakra Meditation

During the process, just stay with your breath. Stay open to receiving whatever information comes in whichever way the information comes as well.

You might get a particular feeling. Or you might get see an image or you might have a memory come up, you might get some awareness or you might just know about something that pops into your awareness as I take you through each of the spaces.

And so we begin our chakra meditation. First, find yourself in a nice comfortable position, and when you're comfortable, just close down your eyes and just take a moment to turn inwards now and connect with your breath.

And just allowing that connection with the breath to help to bring you into the moment. And allowing that connection with the breath to help to clear your mind. If you can, start to lengthen out that breath now as well slowing it down, signaling to your nervous system that it's safe and safe for you to relax.

Exploring The 7 Chakras During Meditation

In the beginning, we're just riding the waves of the breath, following the breath all the way to the end of the inhale and pause and then following that breath all the way back out to the end of the exhale.

As we begin to slow down, we're just continuing to ride the waves of the breath allowing any tension to be released.

The Base Chakra Meditation

Now, take your awareness into the very base of the spine, your base chakra.

And with your awareness in that space, just noticing anything, does it feel open or constricted or light or heavy? Notice anything at all while you're sitting in this particular space.

And breathing in and out through that space as well, start to move that energy, allowing anything to come forward that would like to come forward.

Now the base chakra is all about our connection to place.

Do we feel safe and secure where we are, where we live? Do we have a tribe whether it's family, friends, that sort of connection, that level of connection where we feel supported?

When we feel safe, it's much easier to be grounded. That grounded, happens through this base chakra area. That capacity to be in the moment. That capacity to be able to find stillness, all happens within that base chakra area which is also related to our lower limbs. Legs, feet, knees, and also our bones as well. Our capacity to let go!

All comes from a balanced base chakra area.

The Sacral Chakra Meditation

And then as you continue with that gentle, steady breath, taking your awareness now up into the sacral area, which is above the pubic bone, below the belly button, starting to breathe in and out of this space.

With your awareness in this new space, notice if there's any information, any awareness. How does it feel? You might even ask if there's anything there sitting in that space that would like to come into your awareness.

The Sacral area is all about our close personal relationships. This includes our partners, children, parents, siblings. And it's also very much related to all of our reproductive organs, everything that sits in the physical within that sacral area space. It's also related to our hips and our emotions. Having ups and downs, and how all of those things come together and function within our lives.

The Solar Plexus Meditation

And now bring your awareness up to that solar plexus area.

So you are now above the belly button, below that breastbone. And with your awareness in that space, just taking a moment to be open to any information that might be there for you in whichever way you receive.

Then, start to breathe in and out through that space, moving the energy through that solar plexus area.

Our Solar Plexus is all about our will, our drive our determination, how we show up in the world, in a balanced way. It's all about empowerment.

It's our personal power, which is not power over others, but the power to allow others to be empowered, which empowers the self. It is being able to support everybody to maintain equal power, in balance.

It is also very much related to our digestion, all of our digestive organs. Is there problems with your digestion? This includes problems with that sense of self, devaluing the self, and self-esteem issues.

How much we can see our own worth is also very much related to this energy of the solar plexus. How we're digesting and observe what happens around us in the world is a reflection of what's happening inside of us much of the time.

The Heart Space Meditation

Now, move your awareness up to the heart space, the center of the chest.

And then, with your awareness in this space, notice how that feels. Can you feel any differences to any other of the energetic spaces so far? Maybe there's other information there for you.

Then, as you continue with that gentle steady breath, you will start to move the energy in and out through that heart space, spinning that wheel of energy.

In that heart space is all about unconditional love, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion for others. But also compassion for the self as well. Are we too judgmental? Are we too hooked on how we think things should be, rather than just allowing things to be as they are?

When we hold our judgment so firmly, it becomes suffering to the self, and only to the self.

Moving that energy more freely through that heart space allows us to not only give those feelings, that unconditional love but also to receive love as well. It's that flow of energy in and out of that heart space that will allow balance to be. The heart is energized by feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and joy. They all resonate at that same frequency as the energy of that heart space.

Issues in the physical with the heart, the circulation, the lungs, as well as breathing problems, and bronchitis. Frequent infections that settle in the lungs, colds and flus, are all in this particular area of the body and related to the energy of that heart space.

The Throat Chakra Meditation

We're going to move up to the throat space now the throat chakra.

And with your awareness in that space, just noticing if there's anything now that you're aware of. Allow anything to come forward and then start to breathe and move that energy in and out through that throat space. Spinning that chakra wheel, that energy freeing any barriers or blockages allowing any stuck energetic imprints to come forward.

Our throat chakra is all about our communication. It's not just the capacity to be able to speak, but also to listen as well and relate and interrelate through open communication. It is also being able to communicate in a balanced way.

When our throat vibrates, this vibration is the element of the throat. When our vibrations are in resonance with one another, we connect and communication flows easily along with understanding.

On the other hand, when we’re expressing horridly or emotively to one another, we can cause dissonance. This makes us go out of alignment and makes communication and understanding very difficult.

How do we feel when we don't have the strength to be able to say how we are feeling? Do we feel we won't be listened to if we speak our truth? All of this is related to the energy of this throat space, the thyroid gland, and the parathyroid. Tonsillitis, any throat infections can show that there's some type of disharmony happening with the energy of this particular space.

The Brow Chakra Meditation

And now we're going to move up to the third eye, the Brow Chakra.

Take your time to bring your awareness up into this space, noticing how that feels, feeling into its energy.

Feel into what else might be there, or maybe it feels blocked. Just be open to whatever you observe. And then as you continue with that gentle steady breath, moving that energy in and out now through that space.

Start to free up any stuckness through that brow chakra, the third eye.

This space is all about insight, which is our sight within our capacity to self-reflect and to be able to recognize, through our experience, how we contribute to our life and to our environment.

Indeed, we're not passive recipients. Our environment is always reflecting experience back to us, in order to help us to be able to create in a different way if that would be for our betterment.

It also helps us to be able to create and to vision, a life that we desire.

The light from the crown chakra is filtered through this third eye space, the lens of the third eye. The capacity of that to be held open with clarity, or if it's closed, in denial.

Then as the light travels through that third eye and down the central column, it can also get distorted through the lessons or through any barriers or disharmony that exists in any of the other spaces. This can begin to affect our capacity to bring through our visions for our life into manifestation.

Manifestation in the physical in our reality happens through that base chakra. So, the visions that are readily available through flowing energy in this third eye space can be birthed into reality, as we start to learn from the wisdom and help to bring ourselves back into energetic balance and alignment.

The Crown Chakra Meditation

Finally, we're moving up to the crown chakra, the very top of the head.

Here, connect into that space for a moment, feeling how that's feeling. Now start to breathe, moving energy in and out through that space. Open the thousand-petaled Lotus, which is like the flowering of consciousness, the petals of the lotus opening one petal at a time.

Allow our true wisdom to be birthed through us. It is our connection to source, our connection to that which is greater than ourselves. It governs our nervous system, the capacity for us to be able to feel safe, to feel as if there is meaning in our lives and to trust in the process.

How to end a Chakra Meditation

And as we continue with that gentle steady breath, drawing that light of source down through the crown chakra. Drawing it all the way down now through the central column, through the third eye, the throat, down through your heart space, through the solar plexus, down through your sacral area, that beautiful luminous white light moving all the way through your central column, down through the base, grounding all the way down into Mother Earth. Grounding you down into this very existence.

And as you continue with that gentle steady breath, you might visualize that line expanding outward now. That column expanding until it fills your whole physical... is now bathing in that light. And it expands out still further until it expands to fill all of your energy bodies as well.

You're bathing in that gorgeous white light of consciousness, that light of source.

And so it is!

You're welcome to stay here in this space as long as you like. Otherwise, whenever you're ready, start to bring some movement back. Come back into the moment.

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