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Boosting Your Immunity

If you have been out and about, chances are you have noticed how many people are getting sick or have been sick and still not completely recovered! One of the things I've noticed most throughout my life is that we seem to be forgetting more and more that our bodies actually do repair themselves in the right environment.

We don't need to be trying to 'fix' ourselves as if we are broken!

Most of the time when we aren't providing optimal conditions for our health, it becomes to decline slowly over time. In fact, we are very resilient in our younger years and there are many compensatory mechanisms the body naturally has to try and keep itself out of harm's way!

Over time, longer-term neglect of ourselves makes it more difficult for the body to do what it does naturally and that is - heal itself.

It seems that we ALL know 'how to be healthy' but then there becomes a massive gap between this knowledge and the realisation that we become ill most of the time because we haven't been taking care of what we have. It's like if we never wash or service our cars. Keep filing them up with rubbish, forget to put petrol... eventually, it is not going to work well (or become smelly and not nice to be around lol!).

So it really is about going back to the basics of essential nutrition (loads of veges, nuts and seeds), sunshine & fresh air, fun activities and time for relaxation.

For more specific immune system support, you might like to read a blog I wrote at the beginning of the current worldwide health challenges. You can access it by clicking here

Here is a link to a live database that is collating research publications on natural health products in relation to the CoV... at the time of writing, it includes 169 research papers reporting on almost 4000 studies over the past almost 3 years. You can find it by clicking here

More recently, a scientific review looked at the role of herbal medicines in pre and post-COVID manifestations. You can view it by clicking here

The key takeaways were -

  • Several herbal remedies have significantly suppressed or blocked the pathway of SARS-CoV-2 protein.

  • Herbal medicines are effective in maintaining a healthy immune system without causing any adverse effects.

  • Computational methodologies and clinical trial data have suggested that herbal drugs are the drug of choice for the complaints of pre- and post-covid 19 patients.

  • The drug-herbal holistic therapeutic approach has the potential to complement the traditional healthcare system.

Stay safe long term, keep informed by the real science (not biased interpretations), make up your own mind, trust your intuition and take your health into your own good hands!

If you need any support you can jump on a free call with me to chat - click here


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