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Archetypes & Patterns Of Energy

Where does much of our external intuitive information come from and how do we recognise it?

The simple answer is Energy Fields.

In today’s blog, we will delve into the world of reading fields, understand how energy fields allow us to receive information intuitively, and also help us to understand ourselves a whole lot better in the process.

If you prefer to watch me explain these concepts via video, I invite you to click on the video below.

Where do energy fields come from?

If you remember back to school science, every atom has a nucleus in the centre, electrons flashing around the outside, and a whole lot of space in between. These particles have different charges. Electrons are all minus charges, and Neutrons and Protons in the nucleus have positive charges.

Now, the movement of these positive and negative charges creates electromagnetic fields. And these energy fields hold information, meaning our energy fields hold our information.

Sometimes, this is known as the Akash, where our records are kept. Interestingly, that word in Sanskrit means space. All information is held within the space, which is the space in between everything.

The Relationship Between Energy and Feelings

This information is created by our thoughts and feelings. It's created by our beliefs, our attitudes. And a lot of this stuff comes from our subconscious, so we're not even often aware of it.

These patterns, which begin to get created from our thoughts and feelings, from the way that we behave, can be in a range of higher frequency information or lower frequency information. And when things are moving more slowly or lower frequency, this is what causes density.

For instance, when we hold a lot of negative self-belief patterns and other lower frequency information within our being for extended periods of time, it creates density in our energy, and that prevents our smooth flow not just around us, but also within us as well.

On the other hand, when we're creating faster moving information or higher frequency information, this helps our energy to be higher and lighter. For instance, being in a group of people who are really happy and their energies are high and light often allows us to also feel high and light. And similarly, if we go into a group of people that are all angry and disturbed then that also disturbs our energy.

Archetypes and Patterns of Energy

Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, researched a lot around patterns of behaviour, discovering the concept of archetypes and archetypal patterns. Later on, Carolyn Myss would write a lot more deeply about it, further solidifying the relationship between archetypes and patterns of energy.

Positive and negative behaviours create patterns and these different patterns create different archetypes. And when we're aware of different archetypes playing out within us at any particular time, we can start to see how these patterns are benefitting us or not.

Once we're aware of this information, we can start to notice when we're falling into either positive or negative traits of these particular archetypes that might be at play within us at any particular time.

The benefit of this is when we're aware of our behaviour, it's no longer subconscious. And once it's in consciousness, then it's much easier for us to create change. And of course, then creating change in our energy starts to create change in the world around us as well.

Learn More About Archetypes and Intuitive Energetics

Come join my upcoming Archetypes and Intuitive Energetics Masterclass where I share some wisdom and key practices to assist with navigating shadows and finding balance and enjoyment in life.

We will be delving deep into archetypes, chakra systems, energetic practices, and more to help to not only increase awareness of different patterns but also ways to be able to start to shift these patterns of information within our own energetic fields.


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