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Vitality Platinum Program

The Vitality Platinum Program is a 12 month program that commences with the  Vitality Wellness 6 month Program. From there we will revisit your goals and commence round 2 of the creating changes program to take you to a new level! From there, monthly follow up sessions continue to support you through the process of finding what best suits you and your individual needs, while keeping you accountable and on track.


This is the most cost effective of all programs and is well suited to those who are unwell and have a way to go to optimise their level of wellness, given whatever their circumstance. It is also a great opportunity for those who have tried many fad diets and need to not only loose weight but also keep it off in the long-term. Taking this amount of time assures you have enough time and support to create new habits that make you happy and healthy!

Program Details

The Vitality Platinum Program includes all of the following :

(full details of each component can be found by clicking on each title)


Investment: $1550

Enquire today & get ready for your new life!
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