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Rebalance - 1 month wellness package

Personally tailored support that meets you where you are at in your healing journey... together we find the right balance for you!

Despite our best intentions, we can get stuck when we are attempting to move forward into a happier and healthier life! Sometimes there are sabotage programs that are standing in the way of us moving forward, and other times we can be in repeating patterns that simply aren't serving us. 

There are often energetic blocks in a healing journey that have accumulated over time, in one's environment or through ancestry. These can form barriers to moving forward into discovering a life we truly enjoy... it was never meant to be such a struggle for us all!

This one-month holistic support package is designed as a great starting point to get to know you and identify what might be creating barriers and blocks to living your best possible life. For true holistic and long-term wellness, it's important to consider all parts of your physical and emotional health, your mindset, and belief patterns, your ancestry, and your past experiences, that may be keeping you stuck from moving forward in your life healthily and happy!

We consider all aspects of your health and wellbeing - body, mind & spirit!


Sessions include an overall wellness assessment along with intuitively guided processes, to help us find what requires the most attention for you in the present moment, whether it be a deeper exploration of your energetics or your physical health, lifestyle & environment.

I share with you my extensive knowledge and expertise in clinical, traditional, and energetic medicine, as well as intuitive insight with our guides. We work together to assess the different options, tools & modalities which will best support you to move forward, considering your individual needs, preferences, and requirements.

Begin your transformation with ease. This is how we do it:

  • Our first session together, either in person or online, is around 90 minutes to create a plan to move you forward towards your intentions.

  • We begin energy rebalancing so you will leave the session feeling at peace and knowing that your transformation has already begun!

  • If you have physical health issues, you will receive a summary of what is happening and why, along with recommendations to rebalance your health and wellness.

  • You will also receive practices to do at home to continue your transformation between our sessions!


Empowered with the right tools, imbalances clear, energy transforms & life starts to flow.

  • Each week following we meet for around 60 minutes either in person or online via zoom, to see where you are at, continue to address the underlying layers, and make any helpful modifications to keep you moving forward and into your best life!


  • You'll receive a recording of the sessions, as well as any additional energy practices or harmonising processes to support you along the way and into your best life in the long term. 

Bonus resources to keep you grounded and motivated

Also included is access to the following resources so you have all that you need to walk forward into health and happiness - (value $222)

  • 'Your Creative Kitchen' recipe and article compendium to keep you properly nourished into the long-term - click here to learn more

  • 'Nutrition Education Portal' to help you to understand what creates health and longevity - click here to learn more

  • 'Raising Your Vibration' short daily meditation practices to keep your vibe high and light so you can enjoy each day as it comes - click here to learn more

Experience transformations like these:

Ready to take your first steps towards
rebalancing your life?

Sessions may be hosted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful clinic in Wellington Point, near Brisbane...


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** Private Health Fund Rebates Available**


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