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Diet & Lifestyle Plan

A complete Diet & Lifestyle Plan allows us to take a close look at your individual food intake patterns, any health concerns and lifestyle factors which may be impacting your nutrition. We assess the overall picture of you as an individual, where you are at the moment and where modifications might be made to suit your personal tastes and schedule.  


As part of this analysis you will be asked to record and submit a Food Diary where you record everything you eat and drink, as well as the times of day you generally consume your meals. This information is collected over three (3) days in a row, to help us best determine how and where improvements can be made most easily for you.  We consider any environmental impacts or other lifestyle habits which can contribute to your health. This assists in understanding you as a person so we can work on recommendations which best suit your individual needs and circumstances, as a team.  


Once the Food Diary Forms have been returned and analysed, you will have a private consultation with me to discuss your current diet and lifestyle, including how any underlying issues might require higher levels of particular nutrients or how your current habits might be stopping you from feeling your best.


Other handy lifestyle hints are shared to ensure your optimal chance of improving your health and being able to easily stay on your path of wellness. We also discuss any ongoing requirements to ensure you can create a solid foundation and feel supported through your process of change and on your way to Vitality Wellness!

**Private Health Fund Rebates Available**


Service Details

The Diet & Lifestyle Plan provides you with a thorough and detailed analysis of your diet, current health concerns, as well as any aspects of your lifestyle which may be impacting on your vitality and wellness and includes:


  • 3 day Food Analysis Report which breaks down exactly where your diet is at in terms of your intake of essential nutrients such as proteins, types of fats and carbs, as well as vitamins & minerals. This helps to identify where you might be lacking or consuming in excess which can throw out the finely tuned nutritional balance in our bodies.

  • 1 hour private consultation with me to discuss what all of this means and how other diet and lifestyle factors might be further affecting your nutrition. From there we can begin to work toward optimising your nutrition and lifestyle, as well as most importantly your overall wellbeing, in the best way which suits you!

  • Prior to the live session you will receive the food analysis report and afterward a summary of recommendations and the suggested plan based on what was worked out together with you during the session.


Live sessions can  be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or can be booked in at Vitality Sage Freedom in Wellington Point, near Brisbane...  for more details click here

Feel free to email me with any questions by clicking here

Investment:  $197


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