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Vitality Wellness Programs are designed to support you through the process of changing your diet and lifestyle.  Creating changes for your lasting wellbeing can take time and is an important part of the process to help you to be able to maintain healthy habits. Also investigating any underlying patterns that might be holding you back, is also a very important part of the process.
Yo-yo dieting is definately not the answer so together we move you gently into making changes that are both manageable and suit you as an individual, which is essential to keep you happy, in good health and prevent chronic diseases long term. You will be pleasantly surprised just how much little changes and a bit of understanding can have a big impact on the way you feel!
If you have any questions please feel free to jump into the contact section above and shoot me an email or press here to be redirected :)
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Creating Changes Program

The Creating Changes Program has been designed to support you in creating clear, focused and achievable health goals which suit your individual preferences and lifestyle, while also considering your unique circumstances and time schedule. It is conducted over approximately 8 weeks and includes regular support sessions with Dr Niikee, who will help you to stay on track and work on manageable solutions with you over that time....

Whole Food Cleanse

The Whole Food Cleanse Program is designed to support your body in the best possible way to heal and optimise its function. In order to do so, it is important to be eating all of your essential vitamins and minerals, enough fibre and water, as well as a good level of healthy fats. We will also be supporting all of the systems of detoxification and elimination in your body, throughout the process....

Vitality Wellness Program

The Vitality Wellness Program runs over 6 months and combines initial Wellness Counselling and diet and lifestyle analyses. These then follow on with the Creating Changes Program and monthly check-in sessions with Dr Niikee, as well as a year of access to Vitality Wellness Education Series. The extended period helps to allow you more time to integrate small manageable changes and be supported to find what works best for you as an individual, over the duration.  You will also have the added bonus of a dietary analysis and report completed at the end of the program so you can see just how far you have come!  

Vitality Platinum Program

The Vitality Platinum Program continues on from the Vitality Wellness Programme and goes for an additional 6 months. Here we will revisit your goals at 6 months to help take you to the next level and continue with our monthly check-in sessions. You will also have your diet reanalysed at the half way point and again at the end, with the option to do the whole food cleanse. This way we can continue to make focused and applicable changes along the way as needed.

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Optimising Nutrition Education Series

The 'Optimising Nutrition' Education Series is designed for those who would like to understand more about the ins and outs of nutrition, backed by real science. The aim is to empower you and help you to decide for yourself about what's healthy and avoid get swept up in clever marketing and constant internet gossip..... make healthy choices easy! The series consists of 7 modules, each including recorded lessons and access to plenty of support resources, as well as discussion forums where you can share your views or ask any questions about the session topics.... 
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