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Awaken - Divine Union
A journey to discover and embody your true light.

Are you ready to change the way you see the world and how you be in the world?


Awaken to and be empowered by your own truth and divine essence, to enhance your experience of living this life free from subconscious bindings, limiting patterns, and outdated programs!


Your life will look and feel a whole lot different as you embody your full potential, reconnect your mind, body and spirit, and align with living your best life...


Once we have completed some work together to assist with moving through the initial layers that have been holding you back from living as your true essence, you are invited to embark on my signature guided adventure!


We flow through 3 stages of your evolution - 

Mind - Beginning with harmonising the mind, we clear out old programs and other limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped in repeating cycles in your own life and also in your family lineage. This helps to calm the mind and allows more peace to be cultivated within.

Body - Next, we move into rebalancing your physical environment, both inside and out, as well as practices to reset the nervous system so you can expand into what else is possible and re-encode what it is that you truly desire. 

Spirit - From here there is space for integrating the bigger picture reality, with an embodiment of the energetic laws of creation and manifestation. Finding flow in your life is much easier when aligned in mind, body and spirit. We conclude with reconnecting to your own divinity, inner wisdom, and resonance with oneness as the New Earth frequency.


This journey will empower you to  

  • Expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you, so you can free yourself from limiting judgments and situations.

  • Optimise your outlook on life and what is possible for you, so you can walk forward with confidence, into your best possible life.

  • Reconnect you to the sacredness of life so you feel a part of something greater than yourself and always supported.

  • Open your heart to your soul and your soul's desire to create a life of alignment and grace, held by the truth of who you really are.

  • Balance your energetics so you can more easily flow with the world around you.

  • Release stuck patterns so you can hold more light, have faith in your own potential and reclaim the life that you desire.

  • Harmonise your life inside and out so you feel vibrant and full of joy for your path ahead, empowered with your own health and energetics.

  • Integrate your mind, body and spirit to live from your intuitive nature each day.

  • Deepen into the greater reality and New Earth frequency, to embody your highest path.

For your ultimate ascension journey. Here's how we do it

- Our initial session is around 90 mins and includes sharing the bigger picture of where you are at and your intentions for your life moving forward.

- From there we have fortnightly 60-minute themed sessions reflecting on specific teachings and practices. During our sessions, we also connect with the guides for your continued support, energetic clearings, and activations for your ongoing evolution.  

- In between our sessions, it is your role to immerse in the next layer of teachings and practices as we progress through our time together.

- You will be held safely in the high vibrational container for the entire 6 months so you are supported to move through any resistances and barriers to creating the change that you desire. 

I'm here to support you to find balance and harmony in your inner world and life, so you can be empowered with your own wisdom, and freedom to live abundantly!

- Teachings and practices are accessible long-term from your own login on an online platform, so you can go back at any time to refresh and reintegrate as you continue your evolution.  


Also included is access to the following resources so you have all that you need to walk forward into your dream life - (value over $2000)

  • '30 day Cleanse, Clear and Create' program to keep you properly nourished into the long-term - click here to learn more

  • '10 day Illuminate Program' to immerse into 4 key principles which will support you in transforming your world and awakening to the truth of who you really are - click here to learn more

  • 'Raising Your Vibration' short daily meditation practices to keep your vibe high and light so you can enjoy each day as it comes - click here to learn more

  • 'Yoga Library' with plenty of different styles of online classes for all levels you can access anytime - click here to learn more

  • 'Rolling Voxer' chat with me through our time together for your continued support

Bonuses to support your upleveling 

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Are you ready for your upgrade and ascension?


Sessions may be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home (or office) anywhere in the world or face to face at my beautiful Wellington Point, Brisbane clinic space... click here for details

Exchange:   $5555 

payment plans available  

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