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Align - Mentoring & Guidance

Tailored Mentoring & Guidance supports you move through any barriers to Align with your Soul Plan! 

Align mentoring and guidance package is a bespoke program, individually tailored to support you create your dream life, with ease and grace.

Whether your main issues are physical, mental, emotional or energetic, my multi-modality approach will support you in aligning in all areas of your life! As an intuitive guide and channel, we access information from the layers of your energetic system, to uncover patterns and root causes of issues that are happening in your physical or emotional body.

The messages received are enlightening and expansive in a way that allows you to release negative belief patterns and other disharmonies with ease and grace.

Awaken to your inner truth, your soul vision and your heart's true joy. Learn to optimise your health, balance your body, find peace of mind and elevation in your energetics.

Blocks to the smooth flow of energy in mental and emotional layers cause physical ailments over time. These also come through family lines and when they are not bought out of the shadows of the subconscious, continue to create problems in life.


By creating space for these patterns to lovingly transform, energy becomes more free and light, as suffering and misunderstanding are released.

When energy flows freely and smoothly in line with our highest potential, we have the opportunity to really thrive and create the life that we want!

Clear out the baggage keeping you trapped in repeating patterns and cycles, sometimes generation after generation... is it time for real and permanent change in your life?

How others have experienced Dr Niikee's energetic transformations & activations

"Dr Niikee is a genuine Intuitive. Her sessions have helped me pinpoint the parts of myself that need healing and what is required to guide me through that journey. Inner work can feel messy sometimes, but Niikee has such a beautiful and calm energy throughout the process. I feel lighter and happier after each session, ready to progress as a person in body, mind & spirit."  - Mandy

"I have greatly benefited from my sessions with Dr Niikee.  With no prompting from myself, on both occasions that I have attended, she has zeroed in directly to the core of the issue that was troubling me.  The process of integration on both occasions has occurred with ‘ease and grace’.  Having had the recording of the session to listen to has allowed me to integrate the layers of the healing, increasing the benefits and allowing a complete release of the old energies."  - Martin

Continue your healing journey. Here's how we do it:

  • In our initial session (1.5 hours) we co-create the best inspired and aligned plan for you!

  • From there, weekly or fortnightly sessions (11 after our initial) are 60 minutes and recorded to help you continue to work with any guided practices and processes at home. These are to assist you in accessing your own innate wisdom and transforming blocks to discovering what else is possible!

  • I am here to support you between our sessions as well, as required :)

  • Our sessions together can vary as to what processes we are guided to for you at any time, based on your highest good and what will be most beneficial. These sessions assist with finding clarity in your life, whether it be health-related, feeling stuck in patterns that haven't been serving you, or needing support in your work or change in your life.


Sessions may be hosted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful clinic in Wellington Point, near Brisbane... Feel free to email me with any questions click here

If you would like the opportunity to chat with me first to connect, you can book a free call by clicking here

Find out what others have thought of working with me - click here for the testimonials page

Exchange:   $2222

payment plans available  

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