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Align Alchemy for Healers

Are you a healer or in service to the community in your own unique way?

If you answered YES....


Are you ready to uplevel into the next layer of what is possible for you in your heart lead service life?


If you are still a YES, read on :)

For too long lightworkers have been sitting on the sideline, unsure of what is possible and how they can share their gifts as their full-time service, not having full faith in their process and what they know they have come here to do!

Because of their kind hearts, they often overgive and are not good at receiving. Everything is usually for everyone else, without consideration for the self....


Sound familiar?


Align Alchemy is designed to assist you by accessing the inner wisdom from your energetics and support you in moving forward with clarity toward your soul intentions.


Teamed up with our guides, together we overcome barriers and energetic distortions that have been carried through your own timelines and your ancestry.


Our ascended master guides work together to clear distortion and activate the light codes that already exist within you to show you what is possible for your highest and best outcomes! 

There are some major patterns often shown that are at play preventing lightworkers from stepping fully into their gifts and life, free from past persecution and other ancestral coding keeping them stuck within their own evolution.

  • Giving Away Your Power - Do you acknowledge yourself for the shining light that you truly are?  Move through the resistance and self-doubt creating limitations to sharing your service more widely and reclaiming your truth. Reconnect to your highest potential and step into your own empowerment!

  • Vows of Poverty - Do you feel guilty charging adequately for your service?  Acknowledge the value of what you share with your clients, own the gift that you are, and dissolve the old programs keeping you from receiving and stuck in lack. Find your abundance and allow the universe to flow with you!

  • Witch Wounds - Do you hold yourself back from fear of persecution and what others will think?   Enough dimming yourself down to 'fit in' and diluting who you are. Find the freedom to express yourself freely and fully within all of your relationships, through the eyes of love. Allow yourself to speak your truth and shine the light you came here to be!



Using various techniques and methods, as directed by our guides, we activate and awaken you to what has been happening and how it has been playing out in your life. The guides also share with us the best way to clear any barriers and activate your highest potential, creating effective and lasting change.

When energy flows freely and smoothly in line with our highest potential, we have the opportunity to really thrive and create the life that we want!

Clear out the baggage keeping you trapped in repeating patterns and cycles, sometimes generation after generation... is it time for real and permanent change so you can live a life of joy?


How others have experienced Dr Niikee's energetic transformations & activations

Thank you for the enormous help and support you are. What you have helped me shift has been there with me for a very long time!  After the session, I lingered in experiencing and enjoying that wonderful energy I was immersed in. I felt immense joy and vitality for most of the day. I have been listening to our session and once again I am filled with Love and Peace. I'm feeling the same energy and vibrations all over again. Thank you for sharing your magic!"  - Eugenia

"I have greatly benefited from my sessions with Dr Niikee.  With no prompting from myself, on both occasions that I attended, she zeroed in directly on the core of the issue that was troubling me.  The integration process has occurred with ‘ease and grace’.  Having had the recording of the session to listen to has allowed me to integrate the layers of the healing, increasing the benefits and allowing a complete release of the old energies."  - Martin

Continue with your evolution! Here's how we do it:

  • In our initial 90-minute session we co-create the best inspired and aligned plan for you!

  • Over the next 3 months, our sessions are around 60 minutes every 2 weeks where we do the deep work. These are recorded for you to go back to as much information is generally shared by the guides during these sessions and also to help you continue to work with any guided practices and processes at home.

  • The intention for these sessions is to remove any barriers to you being in clear connection with your innate wisdom, your higher self and the divine. From this space, you can know with clarity and deeply trust your path ahead and what you have come here to do.


  • With the assistance of our guides, we identify limiting beliefs and other patterns of disharmony, remove these energetic blocks to free universal flow and reharmonise your energetics. We work mostly with light codes, and through channeling practices receive messages from the higher realms.​​​​

  • Our sessions can vary according to what processes we are guided to for you at any time, based on your highest good and what will be most beneficial. 

  • I am also available for additional support via email whenever you need to chat or debrief about anything happening in your world.

Also included is access to the following resources so you have all that you need to walk forward into your upgrade - 

  • 'Intuitive Energetics' practices take you on a unique energetic journey of your own. Downloadable for you to keep and play anywhere - click here to learn more

  • 'Embodying the Elements' downloadable embodiment series, to support balancing each of these elemental energies within you - click here to learn more

  • 'Raising Your Vibration' series of 5-minute daily meditation practices to keep your vibe high and light so you can enjoy each day as it comes - click here to learn more

Bonuses for your journey!

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Are you ready for your next level of evolution?


Sessions may be hosted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful clinic in Wellington Point, near Brisbane... Feel free to email me with any questions click here

If you would like the opportunity to chat with me first to connect, you can book a free call by clicking here

Find out what others have thought of working with me - click here for the testimonials page

Exchange:   $2222

payment plans available  

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