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Activate Sessions

Bespoke Guidance to support you in moving through ancestral and age-old barriers to Awaken and Activate your Soul Plan...

The truth is that much of our suffering isn't even ours! Whether you perceive your main issues are physical, mental, emotional or energetic, my multi-modality approach will support you in gaining clarity on your path ahead.

As an intuitive guide and divine light channel, we access information from the layers of your energetic system, to uncover patterns and root causes of issues in your physical or emotional body, or stuckness on your life path.

Move forward with clarity into your heart's desire! 

The messages received from our ascended master guides are enlightening and expansive in a way that allows you to release negative belief patterns and other disharmonies with ease and grace.

Blocks to the smooth flow of energy in mental and emotional layers cause stuckness in our lives and resistance to moving forward in a way that aligns with your soul.


These barriers can also come through family lines and when they are not bought out of the shadows of the subconscious, can continue to create problems in life.


By creating space for these patterns to lovingly transform, energy becomes more free and light, as suffering and misunderstanding are released.

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  • In our 90-minute session we discuss your intentions, then discover what the guides would like to share to awaken you to patterns of disharmony in your energetics and how these have been playing out in your life. After removing the distortion, we move into an activation to realign you to your highest path moving forward. 

  • The processes we are guided to use for you at any time can vary based on your highest good and what will be most beneficial. You will also receive channeled guidance direct from your ascended master guides.

  • Sessions are recorded so that you can continue supporting your energetic alignment at home, by repeating your downloaded activation sequence,  over the following days and weeks. 

  • I am here to support your integration after our sessions as well, as required for the next 2 weeks via email :)






Sessions may be hosted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful clinic in Wellington Point, near Brisbane... Feel free to email me with any questions click here

If you would like the opportunity to chat with me first to connect, you can book a free call by clicking here

Find out what others have thought of working with me - click here for the testimonials page

Exchange:   $333  

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