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Are you a healer or drawn to the healing arts for your own heart? 

Are you in service to the community in your own unique way?

If you answered YES to any of these questions....

Are you ready to uplevel more fully into your higher purpose and ready for the next layer of what is possible for your heart lead service and your own life?


If you are still a YES, read on :)

For too long lightworkers have been sitting on the sideline, unsure of what is possible and how they can share their gifts as their full-time service, not having full faith in their process and what they know they have come here to do!

Because of their kind hearts, they often overgive and are not good at receiving. Everything is usually for everyone else, without consideration for the self.... sound familiar?


Activation Sessions are designed to assist you by accessing the inner wisdom from your energetics and support you in moving forward with clarity toward your intentions. Teamed up with our guides, together we overcome barriers and energetic distortions that have been carried through your own timelines and your ancestry.


Our ascended master guides work together to clear distortion and activate the light codes that already exist within you to show you what is possible for your highest and best outcomes! 

There are some major patterns I often see at play that prevent lightworkers from stepping fully into their gifts and service, free from past persecution and other ancestral coding keeping them stuck within their own evolution.

  • Giving Away Your Power - Do you acknowledge yourself for the shining light that you truly are? Move through the resistance and self-doubt creating limitations to sharing your service more widely and reclaim your personal power. Reconnect to your highest potential and step into your own empowerment!

  • Vows of Poverty - Do you feel guilty charging adequately for your service? Acknowledge the value of what you share with your clients, own the gift that you are and dissolve the old programs keeping you from receiving and stuck in lack. Find your abundance and allow the universe to flow with you!

  • Witch Wounds - Do you hold yourself back from fear of persecution and what others will think? Enough dimming yourself down to 'fit in' and diluting who you are. Find the freedom to express yourself freely and fully within all of your relationships, through the eyes of love. Allow yourself to speak your truth and shine the light you came here to be!



Using various techniques and methods to activate and awaken you to what has been happening and how it has been playing out in your life, the guides share with us the best way to clear any barriers and activate your highest potential, creating effective and lasting change.

Find clarity on your path and allow yourself to become the truest expression of you!

Sessions can  be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or can be booked in at my Wellington Point office, Vitality Time Wellness Space! If you feel a bit nervous about using an online system, there is nothing to worry about as the platform we use called Zoom is super easy and straight forward... all you need to do is click on the link you are sent via email and we connect directly from there at our allocated time :)

Bookings can be made for online or in person at Vitality Time Wellness Space, Wellington Point... for more details click here

Feel free to email me with any questions by clicking here


Investment: $147


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  • In our 90-minute session we discuss your intentions, then discover what the guides would like to share to awaken you to patterns of disharmony in your energetics and how these have been playing out in your life. After removing the distortion, we move into an activation to realign you to your highest path moving forward. 

  • The processes we are guided to use for you at any time can vary based on your highest good and what will be most beneficial. You will also receive channeled guidance direct from your ascended master guides.

  • Sessions are recorded so that you can continue supporting your energetic alignment at home, by repeating your downloaded activation sequence,  over the following days and weeks. 


  • These sessions assist with finding clarity on your path and allowing you to walk freely into your soul calling for you in this timeline... it is time!

  • I am here to support your integration after our sessions as well, as required for the next 2 weeks via email :)






Sessions may be hosted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful clinic in Wellington Point, near Brisbane... Feel free to email me with any questions click here

If you would like the opportunity to chat with me first to connect, you can book a free call by clicking here

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