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Activation Sessions are designed to assist you by accessing the inner wisdom from your energetics to support you in moving forward with clarity towards your intentions. Whether they are health, work, or life-related, our guides will work together to activate and show you what is possible for your highest and best outcomes! 

Often our best intentions are undermined by various subconscious belief systems which continue to create many of the external influencing factors in the world around us. Once these are bought to light, their energy begins to shift. Using various techniques and methods to activate and awaken you to what has been happening and how it has been playing out in your life, the guides will share with us the best way to clear any barriers and activate your highest potential, creating effective and lasting change.

Find clarity on your path and allow yourself to become the truest expression of you.

When we take the time to reflect on our lives and circumstances, dreams and aspirations, miracles happen

Sessions can  be conveniently conducted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or can be booked in at my Wellington Point office, Vitality Time Wellness Space! If you feel a bit nervous about using an online system, there is nothing to worry about as the platform we use called Zoom is super easy and straight forward... all you need to do is click on the link you are sent via email and we connect directly from there at our allocated time :)

Bookings can be made for online or in person at Vitality Time Wellness Space, Wellington Point... for more details click here

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Investment: $147


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  • In our 90 minute session we discuss your intentions, then discover what the guides would like to share to awaken you to patterns of disharmony in your energetics and how these have been playing out in your life. After removing the distortion, we move into an activation to realign you to your highest path moving forward. 

  • The processes we are guided to use for you at any time can vary based on your highest good and what will be most beneficial.

  • Sessions are recorded so that you can continue supporting your energetic alignment at home, by repeating your downloaded activation sequence,  over the following days and weeks. 


  • These sessions assist with finding clarity in your life, whether it be health-related, feeling stuck in patterns that haven't been serving you, or needing support in your work or change in your life.

  • I am here to support your integration after our sessions as well, as required for the next 2 weeks via email :)






Sessions may be hosted online from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, or you can come and visit me at my beautiful clinic in Wellington Point, near Brisbane... Feel free to email me with any questions click here

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